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Nursing Home Abuse

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At Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen, we are committed to protecting the rights and well-being of our elderly loved ones in Boulder City, NV. Our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers have a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding elder abuse cases, especially those involving physical abuse in nursing homes.

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What is Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse refers to any mistreatment or harm inflicted on residents of a nursing home or long-term care facility, whether intentional or due to neglect. This abuse can take various forms, and it is a serious issue that compromises the well-being, safety, and dignity of elderly or vulnerable individuals in these settings.

Common forms of nursing home abuse include:

  • Physical Abuse: This involves the use of physical force, such as hitting, pushing, slapping, or restraining residents in an aggressive or harmful manner. Physical abuse can result in injuries, bruises, fractures, or even death.
  • Emotional or Psychological Abuse: Emotional abuse is the infliction of mental anguish, distress, or emotional pain on residents. This can include verbal threats, humiliation, intimidation, isolation, or ignoring their needs. Emotional abuse can lead to depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues.
  • Sexual Abuse: Sexual abuse in nursing homes involves any non-consensual sexual activity or harassment directed toward residents. It can take the form of sexual assault, inappropriate touching, or the display of explicit material. Victims often suffer both physical and emotional trauma.
  • Neglect: Neglect is the failure of the nursing home staff to provide the necessary care, attention, or resources to residents. This can result in malnutrition, dehydration, untreated medical conditions, bedsores, and a decline in overall health.
  • Financial Exploitation: Financial abuse occurs when staff members, residents, or even family members misuse a resident's money, assets, or property. This may include theft, fraud, or coercing residents into signing over their assets or financial information.
  • Medication Mismanagement: Some forms of abuse involve staff improperly administering medication, either through overmedication, undermedication, or the use of medication as a form of control or punishment. This can have serious health consequences.
  • Resident-to-Resident Abuse: Sometimes, residents can become aggressors towards other residents, leading to instances of abuse, particularly in facilities where there is insufficient supervision or staff intervention.
  • Violation of Rights: Violations of residents' rights can include restricting their freedoms, autonomy, and dignity. This can involve involuntary confinement, denial of privacy, or refusal to accommodate cultural or religious practices.

Who is Liable for Nursing Home Abuse?

In Nevada, like in most other jurisdictions, multiple parties can potentially be held liable for nursing home abuse, depending on the circumstances and the specific nature of the abuse.

Here are some of the parties who can be held liable for nursing home abuse in Nevada:

  • Nursing Home Facility: The nursing home facility itself can be held liable for abuse that occurs on its premises. This can include both direct abuse by staff members or residents and abuse resulting from neglect or inadequate training and supervision of staff.
  • Individual Caregivers and Staff: Nurses, nurse aides, doctors, and other staff members who are directly involved in the care of residents can be held personally liable if they engage in abusive behavior or neglect their duties, resulting in harm to a resident.
  • Management and Administration: If it can be proven that the management or administration of the nursing home knew about the abuse or neglect or should have known about it and failed to take appropriate action, they may be held liable. This is often the case in instances where systemic issues or patterns of abuse are uncovered.
  • Contracted Service Providers: Some nursing homes contract out certain services, such as food preparation, maintenance, or therapy. If an abusive incident is linked to a contracted service provider, they may be held liable for their actions or negligence.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies: In cases where medication errors or overmedication have occurred, pharmaceutical companies might be held liable if they have supplied the nursing home with faulty or mislabeled medication.
  • Visitors or Other Residents: In some situations, visitors or other residents within the facility may be held liable for abusive behavior or harm caused to a resident. This is more common when the facility fails to protect residents from such actions.
  • Third Parties: In some cases, third parties who do not have a direct relationship with the nursing home may be held liable if they played a role in the abuse. This could include vendors, contractors, or others who had access to the residents and caused harm.

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