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Trusted Personal Injury Lawyers Las Vegas, Nevada

Accomplished Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV

At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our prominent personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas, NV understand that living and working in The Entertainment Capital of the World has its challenges. With nearly 650,000 residents calling our Clark County, Nevada city home, and another 40 million visitors each year, the occasion for accidents to occur are practically unmatched throughout the United States. That said, you need someone on your side with experience to help you get the proper care and maximize your case.

Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to ensure our community’s rights are protected from large corporations, and their insurance and legal representatives. If you have been injured at work, in an accident, or have suffered a personal injury of any kind, our Las Vegas accident lawyer can help you pursue financial recovery today.

Meet the Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith: Our Experience Sets Us Apart from Other Law Firms in Las Vegas, NM

If you have been injured in Las Vegas, NV, or are caring for someone who has, it is time you meet the team of Las Vegas injury attorneys at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith. Our experienced and dedicated Las Vegas personal injury lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for the Las Vegas, NV community over the past decade, and can help you and your family reach a financial solution to your injuries, too.

At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers represent clients in the following practice areas:

Speak With Successful Las Vegas Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury attorneys Las Vegas handle every detail of your case, beginning with personally conducting your initial free consultation. You will never speak with administrative staff regarding your personal injury case, as each aspect is directly managed by one of our successful Las Vegas personal injury lawyers first-hand.

This unique approach to legal care allows us to focus on the intricacies of your personal injury case, without the possibility of any element getting lost in translation. Our Las Vegas injury lawyers respect our clients and understand that their injuries are life-changing. Personally creating positive financial outcomes is the key to their recovery.

NO! We offer our potential clients a completely free personal consultation with one of our trial injury attorneys. If we accept the client’s case we fund the costs of the case ourselves. Our clients do not pay us directly! Rather we write a check to them out of our trust account after we have collected the money from the insurance company. We also arrange medical treatment at no out-pocket-cost to our clients. We don’t get paid anything until our clients get paid. And best of all—the client’s financial recovery is tax-free!

A lot, IF you hire the right kind of attorney! There are basically two kinds of personal injury attorneys. The ones running a volume “mill” where the clients never meet the attorney and all the work is done by non-attorney legal assistants. These firms usually advertise on tv and just settle the cases fast and cheap so they can buy the next commercial. They take a fee larger than the client’s share and often cut off the client’s medical treatment before they are really recovered. The wrong attorney truly adds insult to injury! They are much better at taking money from their clients than they are at taking money from the at-fault parties!The right attorney is the trial attorney who has the personal skill and experience to truly understand the client and his/her case and deals with the client one-on one. Every individual client is unique and needs a personal game plan by the attorney to achieve the best result. The client feels comfortable and can concentrate solely on getting well and carry on with their personal responsibilities while having frequent and informative communication with the lawyer. Insurance companies are not stupid! They know when they are dealing with a serious attorney who will truly fight for his/her client. they know they will have to pay a higher settlement for the case.

And an ethical trial attorney never charges more for his/her fee than the amount which the client receives personally at the end of the case. Choosing the right personal injury attorney can make all the difference in finding real justice.

In today’s world, a great deal of information is just a few clicks away, on the Internet. As a result, people are tempted to read a few articles on-line and adopt a “do-it-yourself” approach to their case. The “do-it-yourself” approach, at least with respect to legal matters, is a bad idea.Think about it like this: If you needed surgery, would you operate on yourself? No. you would go to a medical professional with the education, training, experience, and skill necessary to handle the task. Why, then, would you try to “do-it-yourself” when it comes to handling your case? Hiring an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer is your best bet.

It doesn’t cost a thing.

In most cases, hiring an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney won’t cost you a thing. The consultation is free. You will have an opportunity to meet with a licensed attorney so you can ask the questions that are important to you and gather the information you need before making an educated decision about how to proceed with your case.

Work with a professional.

Hiring an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer means you will have a strong advocate in your corner. Someone who has been “in the trenches” for many years and has the education, training, experience, and skill necessary to handle your case. Working with a professional also ensures that you will not fall victim to the many tricks and pitfalls associated with the handling of personal injury claims.

Maintain your focus – on getting better.

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney means you can focus on what is most important to you – getting better. With a professional handling your case, you will have more time to focus on your recovery, your family, your work, and all of the things that you hold dear. You will have more time to go to doctor visits, have tests and medical procedures performed, participate in therapy, rest, and do whatever else is necessary to get better. Having the benefit of a strong team means you can maintain your focus – on getting better.

The most important thing is your health. If you’re in a car crash, you’ve likely been hit by a several thousand pound piece of machinery and pushed suddenly. Or, possibly you’ve had a serious fall and may have broken or torn something. Whatever happened, if you have pain you should get it checked out to be safe. You don’t want to make things worse. Many times treatment done early on and done well can reduce recovery time or otherwise caught a problem before it becomes irreversible. The next important thing is the legal reason to get checked out. The insurance company or defense attorney will argue if you didn’t go to see a doctor right away then you must not have been hurt. They’ll assume lack of treatment means lack of injury. Going to a good doctor is not only the best course of action for your health, but also creates a record that can be used to prove your damages. Records are very helpful, if not absolutely necessary, when making a claim.
If you are treating on an attorney lien the doctor will wait to be paid until after your case settles. If you have health insurance you may want to treat under your health insurance. Each case is different and you should always seek the advice of an experienced injury lawyer.
In the event that you do not know who the at-fault party is, as in the case of a hit and run collision, your attorney may be able to make a claim for benefits. Auto insurance carriers typically offer what is called uninsured motorist / underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage which may apply to a situation like this. Customers are required to accept or waive UM/UIM coverage in writing when they purchase their auto insurance coverage. As long as the coverage has not been waived, there may be insurance coverage available when the identity of the at-fault party is unknown.
Not if you were in compliance with Nevada law. You must be in a crosswalk and you must not dart out in front of a vehicle. Each case is different and you should always seek the advice of an experienced accident attorney.
First, seek immediate medical care and evaluation of any injuries that you and anyone else in the vehicle has sustained. Injuries that go untreated for too long can develop into serious health complications. Also report the incident to the police immediately, so that there’s an official report of the incident. Get information from any other drivers who were involved, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance details, and the make and model of their cars. If possible, get the names and contact information from any witnesses as well. If you or someone you know has a camera available, take pictures of the scene where the accident took place, so that you have an objective record and don’t have to struggle with the trauma of trying to remember every detail yourself.
Victims of auto accidents may be entitled to benefits, but insurance companies are not always willing to extent compensation. That’s why you need the help of a dedicated law firm like Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith. We’ll fight to make sure that you receive all the compensation that you deserve.
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