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At the law firm of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys provide quality legal representation for Nevada residents who have been victimized by negligence.

When someone’s negligent actions or inactions lead to injuries — and even the loss of life — our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers provide the support and guidance our clients need to seek financial recovery from the responsible party and their insurance provider.

Our law firm Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith works tirelessly to provide the best outcome available for each of our client’s unique cases and claims, so we are doing more than providing successful results — but helping to change lives.


The experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith have an impeccable track record of providing our clients with the opportunity to pursue the compensation they deserve for their specific injuries and overall damages.

Our injury law firm has delivered substantial settlements and jury verdicts that allow individuals and families to face their recovery with the confidence they need to put their injuries behind them.

Our Las Vegas personal injury law firm fights for each of our client’s individual needs after an accident, and we want to help you seek results in any of our experienced practice areas.

Client Testimonials
I have been with benson & carter for a few years now. they have been incredibly helpful in my case. i really enjoy the entire staff. theyre all so friendly, polite, & caring whether on the phone or in person. i can never thank mr carter & mrs farr enough for all the work they’ve put into my case, keeping me updated, & letting me know what to expect. even though this is taken a little longer than planned i think in the end its well worth it. i’m glad i picked benson, bertoldo, baker, & carter to represent me, if i had to do it all over again i would surely pick them. thank YOU ALL so very much for everything you do.
Donna A.
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Bicycle Accident InjuriesWhether you are riding on the road or a trail, bicycle accidents can occur without notice and cause significant injuries to the rider. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 783 people were killed in bicycle accidents throughout the country last year, and thousands more were severely injured.

Our Las Vegas bicycle injury lawyers can help build your case by developing a strategy that allows our law office to:

  • Collect the necessary evidence to support our case inside the courtroom
  • Reconstruct the accident to show causation while building our claim
  • Partner with resourceful agencies that deliver expert testimonies on our behalf
  • Assess your full injuries — and the length of time you will require treatment — to ensure we are pursuing the best financial outcome available for your unique needs

Vehicles must share the roads with bicyclists, and when drivers are negligent while behind the wheel, serious injuries can occur. Our injury law firm Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith wants to help you hold the driver who caused your injuries responsible today.

Proposed Bike Path | Deadly Bicycle Accident | Risk Of Injury And Death | Preventing Bicycle Accidents On Annual Death Ride | Have Bicycle Parts Caused Your Riding Injury? | Know the Rules of the Road


Car Accident claims - automobile accident attorney las vegasOur local Las Vegas, Nevada streets can be dangerous, as other negligent drivers take to the Strip to sightsee and mingle with the locals and tourists under a very distracting backdrop of lights, music, and entertainment.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department lists two of our city’s most dangerous intersections as West Sahara Avenue and Arville Street and Paradise Road and East Tropicana Avenue, but often it is outside the city where the danger lies. U.S. Highway 93 has been called the most dangerous highway in the country, and if you are injured in an auto wreck with a negligent driver, your entire life can be turned upside down.

Our Las Vegas, Nevada car accident attorneys at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith want to help you face the responsible person or party who caused your injuries, so you are not left paying for your medical bills, lost wages, and property damage out of your pocket.

Car Accident Injury Claim | Auto Insurance – Are You Really Covered? | Using Cell Phones Are a Hazard | Cell Phone Car Crash | Road-Hazard Car Crash | Common Causes of Car Accidents | Countering Denied Accident Claims | Enterprise Rental Car | Car Injury Caused by Weather Conditions


Defective Product ClaimsIf you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, whether it was chemicals or tools or medical products and devices, our defective product lawyers in Las Vegas have the experience you need to face the organization that caused your harm.

Defective product cases are complex and require an accomplished Las Vegas law firm to produce results by pursuing the proper origin of the product’s liability including the:

  • Designer
  • Manufacturer
  • Party who failed to provide adequate instructions or warnings regarding the product’s proper use

If you have been injured using a defective product, do not try to take on the responsible party alone. Their team of lawyers and insurance providers will try to intimidate you from the start of your case, hoping you eventually give up. Our personal injury law firm, Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, will fight for real results, so you can focus on healing.

Could Your Bicycle Parts Have Caused Your Bicycle Accident? | Woman Poisoned By Caramel Apple Brings Product Liability Suit | Jury Awards Over $70 Million in Product Liability Damages


Dog Bite Injury compensationWhether you were bitten by a family member’s dog or a stranger’s dog who was left to roam without regard for the public’s safety, you deserve to have your dog bite claim taken seriously, so you can get the treatment you deserve without paying out of pocket for medical care.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly five million dog bites occur each year in the United States, and approximately one million of those people will require medical care, which can be lengthy and expensive to ensure they can fully heal from their injuries.

Children are more likely than adults to be bitten by a dog, which can lead to severe injuries requiring reconstructive surgery or extended care as they continue to grow. Dog bite injuries are complex, and our accomplished Las Vegas personal injury attorneys will determine the best strategy for your unique case.

What is my Personal Injury Claim Worth? | Know When To Contact A Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney | What Types Of Damages Can I Seek After Suffering A Personal Injury?


DUI Accident defenseWith DUIs occurring in record numbers throughout Las Vegas and the State of Nevada, the LVMPD has developed the DUI Strike Team to take on the drunk drivers that are causing dozens of deaths each year throughout the state — a number that reached 99 fatalities over a twelve-month period.

Drunk or drugged driving is illegal, and when someone is injured by the purposeful act of an intoxicated person getting behind the wheel, our DUI accident lawyers in Las Vegas want to ensure our clients can get the medical care and time away from work they need to fully recover.

Dui Injury In Las Vegas | DUI Car Accident | DUI During the Holidays | Drowsy Driving to Be as Dangerous as Drunk Driving | Drunk Driver Causes Deadly Bicycle Accident | Drunk Ridesharing Company Driver


Medical Malpractice lawsuitMedical malpractice is listed as the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Closer to home, in February 2019, Summerlin Hospital began notifying surgery patients about possible hospital-acquired infections that originated from prostate cancer treatment surgery devices used at their location. If you have been injured while receiving medical care, we can help you determine who was ultimately responsible, so you can focus on getting your life back.

Birth Injuries | Doctor & Nurse Negligence | Emergency Room Negligence | Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse | Surgical Errors | Anesthesia Errors | Cancer Misdiagnosis | Cerebral Palsy | Erbs Palsy | Failure To Treat | Hospital Infections | Medication Errors


Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident ClaimsThe NHTSA reported motorcycle accident statistics that reached nearly 5,200 deaths over a single year.

Thousands of other riders suffered severe injuries during that time, including:

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Las Vegas can help you focus on your recovery by pursuing the financial settlement or jury verdict you deserve.

Accident on I-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada | HOV and Carpool Lanes – Know the Rules | Types Of Damages


Nursing Home AbuseNursing home abuse is becoming more prevalent throughout the country, as providers struggle to adequately staff their locations with qualified people to properly provide the care our aging population requires to maintain the quality of life they deserve.

The National Center of Elder Abuse lists common types of nursing home abuse in Las Vegas including:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Financial Exploitation
  • Neglect

If you have entrusted your loved one’s care to a facility that is not providing adequate attention, and you believe their safety is compromised, contact our elder abuse lawyers in Las Vegas today to learn how we can approach your case to achieve the results you deserve — and to keep others from suffering the same harm.

Nursing Home Assault | Bed Sores | Changes in Behavior | Dehydration in Nursing Homes | Falls in Nursing Homes | Nursing Home Malnutrition | Medication Mistakes | Nursing Home Negligence | Poor Hygiene | Signs of Nursing Home Abuse


Pedestrian Accident Injuries ClaimsThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported close to 6,000 pedestrian deaths throughout the country last year, 91 of which occurred in Nevada.

In Las Vegas, pedestrian travel is common — and dangerous. The crowded streets and designated crossing areas that limit safety options for our community can lead to severe injuries when negligence plays a part on and off the Strip.

Our Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorneys have pursued financial recovery options for our clients who were injured by drivers who were:

  • Distracted
  • Impaired
  • Reckless
  • Speeding
  • Texting

If you were hurt while walking the streets of Las Vegas, or anywhere in Nevada, we can help you determine who is at fault, and pursue them for your unique financial recovery options.

Pedestrians and the Law | Tips for Pedestrians and Drivers to Stay Safe and Avoid Injury | Pedestrian Safety in Intersections | Pedestrian Injury on the Las Vegas Strip | Pedestrian Safety in School Zones | Pedestrian Accidents Remain Well Above National Average In Las Vegas


Slip & Fall Cases lawHave you been hurt in a restaurant, night club, or another entertainment venue in Las Vegas because someone’s negligence compromised your safety? Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. Slippery floors ripped rugs and floor mats, and even obstacles that are left for guests to trip over can cause serious injuries to the public.

The sudden and unexpected occurrence can lead to even more severe injuries because they happen without notice. When you are unable to work or require extensive medical care because of a neck, back, or head injury, you may be eligible to pursue a settlement — and we can help you seek the best financial outcome available for your case.

Defective Auto Parts | Defective Baby Product | Defective Drug | Defective Medical Device | Defective Product | NHTSA’s Roof Crush Standard | Chemical Exposure


Truck Crash compensationThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is responsible for maintaining the guidelines for truck drivers throughout the country, including licensing requirements and hours of service regulations that are designed to keep other drivers on the roadways safe from harm.

Unfortunately, negligence continues to play a large role in truck accidents in Nevada.

The NHTSA truck injury crash stats reported that last year throughout the U.S.:

  • Over 3900 people were killed
  • More than 111,000 people were injured
  • Approximately 73% of those killed in truck injury were occupants of other vehicles

When negligent truck drivers operate vehicles that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, other drivers — in much smaller vehicles — are at an incredible disadvantage and can be seriously injured or lose their lives as the result of a collision.

Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyer wants to help you and your family recover fully by holding the truck’s driver, trucking company, manufacturer, or another third-party responsible for our clients’ damages.

18-Wheeler Accidents | Truck Driver Error | Truck Driver Fatigue | Truck Injury Lawsuits | NHP’s Unmarked 18-Wheelers | Overloaded Trucks | Truck Accident Injury | Jackknife Brake Accidents | Truck Driver Drug Use | Tractor Trailer Injury | Semi-Truck Accidents | Accident Caused by Weather


Workers' Compensation lawsuitThe State of Nevada requires all employers — except for sole proprietors who serve as their only employee — to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect workers who are injured while at work.

Unfortunately, just because the no-fault insurance is required by the State of Nevada Department of Business and Industry, our Las Vegas workers' compensation attorneys know that not all employers hold up their end of the coverage when workers are hurt.

Whether you work on a construction site or in a restaurant, in an office or as an entertainer, your safety should be your employer’s priority. And when you are hurt at work, you should have access to medical care, wages, and the time away from work you need to heal fully.

Our personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas can help get you there faster by holding your employer responsible for your complete needs — not just the portion they decide to pay.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits | Workers’ Comp Claims | Disability Workers’ Compensation | Workers' Comp & Insurance Companies | Job Injuries and Workers’ Compensation | Nevada State Workers’ Compensation


Wrongful DeathAt Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys who focus on wrongful death are committed to delivering solutions that allow families to grieve fully from their loss of a loved one while we focus on the details of their unique case, so no aspect of the claim is left to chance.

Our personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas understand that a car accident, work-related injuries, defective products, and even medical malpractice claims can all lead to the loss of your loved one. And when someone’s negligent actions or inactions lead to the death of another, we want to help hold them accountable in civil court.

Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations | Wrongful Death Settlements | Death and Medical Errors | Wrongful Death Laws | Wrongful Death Damages | Wrongful Death Cases | Wrongful Death Act | Wrongful Death Videos


Our personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas provide our clients with the confidence they need to pursue the best financial outcome available for their unique case. No two personal injury claims are the same, and each will require a different strategy to deliver solutions.

At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys will focus on each aspect of your case and pursue financial recovery for:

  • Short- and long-term medical care
  • Treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation services
  • Lost wages
  • Partial or full disability

Your recovery is important to us. Allow us to pursue the compensation you deserve, so you can get your life back.


Las Vegas, Nevada is home to more than restaurants and entertainment venues, it is home to our experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who take pride in serving the communities of Sycamore Estates, Rainbow Park, Aurora Estates, and Canyon Gate that surround our office on West Sahara Avenue, and our residents throughout the state who have suffered harm that was caused by another’s negligence.

If you have suffered from a personal injury, contact our accomplished Las Vegas, Nevada injury attorneys at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith today at (702) 228-2600, and learn how we can help you pursue the financial recovery you deserve to get back on your feet without delay.

Personal Injury Blogs:

Personal Injury FAQs

How Do I Know If I Have A Personal Injury Case?
If you have been hurt because of another person’s negligent actions or inactions, you may have a personal injury case that will allow you to pursue financial compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages, which is why you should hire a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to review your injuries and the negligent circumstances that caused them.
How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?
Determining how much your Nevada personal injury case is worth requires a complete evaluation of your injuries and the medical care you will need now and going forward. We will also determine the complete extent of your economic damages, including lost wages and property damage, so you are not left paying for any expenses out of pocket. Each personal injury case is unique and requires a full investigation to ensure no detail is left to chance.
How Long Does A Personal Injury Lawsuit Take To Reach A Settlement?
Since all personal injury cases are unique, your personal injury claim will produce results once all the facts are available to begin negotiations. Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers will work directly with the negligent party’s insurance company to reach a quick resolution through a settlement negotiation or pursue your claim at trial.
Will My Personal Injury Case Go To Trial?
Most personal injury cases do not proceed to trial. Most personal injury cases can be resolved through settlement negotiations. When those negotiations break down or our attorneys do not believe our clients are getting the best outcome, we have decades of legal experience to succeed inside the courtroom.
How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?
In the State of Nevada, personal injury victims have two years from the date their injury occurred to file a personal injury claim. It is important to file a claim within the allotted time, or the courts will almost certainly – in nearly all cases – refuse an extension.
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