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What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Javier Arguello:

Workers’ compensation covers medical treatment. If you have a claim, you get to go see a doctor. You have to pick a doctor off the worker’s compensation list. Every employer in Nevada has doctors that you can go see, so you can’t use your private insurance. It’s important to get an attorney involved, because myself, for example, I’ve been doing worker’s compensation for twenty years. For twelve years I worked for the insurance companies, so I know all of the doctors on the list. And it’s important to get an attorney so you can get the right doctor to take care of you. the main thing is medical treatment. Obviously, you want to get back to work as soon as you can. Worker’s compensation also covers you if you’re not able to work. If your doctor releases you to work with light duty restrictions, and if your employer doesn’t provide it, then again, you continue to get paid, and you get paid biweekly. At the end of a worker’s compensation claim, you can also receive a settlement; it’s called a permanent partial disability evaluation. Again, if you don’t have an attorney, insurance companies tend to close your claim and say, “We’ve paid all your medical bills, good luck.” And again, if you have permanent work restrictions, then you may be entitled to what’s called vocational rehabilitation, and again, that just depends, if the doctor gives you permanent work restrictions that prevent you from doing your pre-accident job, if your employer wants to bring you back, they can, but typically, a lot of times, they don’t, and we help you with that as well, in getting vocational rehabilitation benefits, which basically means that you go back to school, or on the job training. Those are the benefits you’re entitled to with worker’s compensation, again, it’s important to get an attorney, because treatment really dictates what kind of settlements you get and whether or not you’re eligible for vocational rehab.

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