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Distracted Driving: Interruptions Behind the Wheel Are Endangering Lives


In 2011 the Nevada Legislature passed legislation deeming it illegal to talk or text on a handheld cellular device – or similar devices – while driving a vehicle.

The illegal activity comes with fines and demerits to the offender’s license, including:

  • First-time offenders: $50 fine
  • Second-time offenders: $100 fine
  • Third-time, and subsequent offenses: $250 fine
  • Repeat offenders receive four demerit points against their license

In a previous blog, our Las Vegas, NV accident attorneys at Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen explained how new research showed the increased risks associated with texting and driving. What we didn’t delve into in that post was how our firm represents distracted driving victims who were injured by those who were using their phones at the time of the accident. While texting and driving statistics are alarming, distracted driving causes a significant amount of injuries and fatalities each year, of which cellphone use is a subcategory.

Distracted Driving Is More Than Texting While Driving in Las Vegas, NV

Distracted driving is the act of driving and engaging in any other activity that takes your attention away from operating the vehicle. Distracted drivers around the country, and in Nevada, are causing significant numbers of injuries and deaths as a result of their negligent behavior.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that:

  • Approximately nine people are killed each day in the U.S., with another 1,000 injured, in an accident involving a distracted driver

This can include:

  • Cognitive distractions: Thinking about other things while driving – essentially daydreaming
  • Manual distractions: Any activity that takes your hands off the wheel
  • Visual distractions: Any activity that takes your eyes off the road

The most common distractions include:

  • Cellphone use
  • Use of onboard electronics including stereos, navigation equipment, and climate controls
  • Eating or drinking
  • Drowsy driving
  • Grooming
  • Reaching for moving objects in the vehicle
  • Unrestrained pets in the vehicle
  • Talking to other passengers
  • Paying attention to people, events, or activities occurring outside of the vehicle
  • Reading instructions, newspapers, periodicals, or maps

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the last available distracted driving statistics, including:

  • 481,000 people use their cellphones during daytime hours while driving
  • 3,450 fatalities
  • 391,000 injuries

With distracted driving accidents maintaining momentum, the U.S. Department of Transportation develops advertising campaigns throughout the country reminding all drivers that they have a responsibility behind the wheel to be drivers first – for everyone’s safety.

At Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen, our Las Vegas car accident attorneys could not agree more. Our law firm represents the victims of these senseless accidents, witnessing the pain and suffering injured individuals and families endure from these crashes.

According to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, our residents are not immune to traffic accident injuries and fatalities, even though we have a cellphone ban law in place.

Their latest statistics reflect that, in a single year in the State of Nevada there were:

  • 1,334 serious injuries in vehicle crashes
  • 326 fatalities in vehicle crashes

When accidents lead to injuries, no matter how severe, our attorneys want to help you hold the individual who caused your suffering responsible for their role in any distracted driving activity. If you have lost a loved one in an accident and would like to pursue a wrongful death case against the offender, we can also help you develop an aggressive claim. You deserve justice, and our accident lawyers can help deliver.

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