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Slip and Fall General Information


slip and fall accident occurs when any individual slips, trips or falls due to an unsafe premise condition. A slip and fall accident becomes a liability when the slip, trip, or fall is due to the negligence of the owner or person responsible for the premises. If another party is found liable for the slip and fall injury, then the victim may be entitled to compensation for their injury.

Recent Cases

It is important to contact a qualified Las Vegas slip and fall attorney to discuss the legal aspects of your case, since the liability standards in any slip and fall accident can be sensitive and detailed.

General Info About Slip and Fall Accidents

They are many factors to consider when determining liability and appropriate legal action after a personal injury stemming from a slip and fall accident. Most businesses and property managers require that the slip and fall accident be reported immediately following the accident. Even if there is no requirement for the length of time in which the injured party may report the accident, it is important to keep a record of the details of the accident for your own personal records and legal benefits.

Steps to Take Following a Slip and Fall Injury

  • Make note of the type of accident
  • Who was injured
  • What type of injury was suffered
  • What the obstruction was
  • If any warnings were posted about the hazard
  • If there were any witnesses present
  • The name of the owner of the property

This information is pertinent in addressing the legal issues of your slip and fall accident. If another party is responsible for your injuries, you may be entitled tofor your suffering, medical expenses and more.

In any slip and fall accident, liability must be determined before addressing legal claims. The owner or property manager of a property has an obligation to the safety of those who are welcomed guests on their property. They must maintain a reasonably safe environment. If there is a dangerous situation on the property, and the responsible party failed to fix the obstruction that caused the slip and fall accident, they may be held responsible for the injury.

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