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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas, NVNone of us can stay independent or lead a prosperous life without a functioning spinal cord. Accidents can lead to severe injuries, which may involve the danger of paralysis and a sudden drop in your quality of life. To avoid becoming a lifelong spinal cord injury victim, you need a qualified Las Vegas spinal cord injury attorney to examine your case and tell you what to expect about spinal cord injuries.

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury in Las Vegas, Nevada

In the United States, there are around 200,000 people living with spinal cord injuries. It’s estimated about more than 12,000 people will become victims of spinal cord injuries every year. 80% of those victims will be male and up to 70% of them will be under the age of 35. Up to $30,000 is spent every year, for each patient, when treating spinal injuries. The spinal cord consists of millions of nerves that link your brain to the rest of your body. When the spinal cord is damaged, the body stops receiving signals from the brain, resulting in paralysis or loss of sensation. Depending on where the injury hits the spinal cord, the body below that point may no longer be functional. There are also two tracts—one ascending and one descending—that carry information to the brain and sends signals back to the rest of the body. In the event of a complete spinal cord injury, both tracts will be damaged, which means both sides of the body are equally affected.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spinal Cord Injuries

1. What are the most common symptoms of a spinal cord injury?

In a medical evaluation, physicians will look for the following signs:

  • Loss of sensation in the limbs
  • Muscle contractions
  • Fractured or dislocated vertebrae
  • Paralysis or low muscle strength
  • Loss of normal bowel or bladder control

2. What are some of the biggest causes of spinal cord injuries?

Besides physical assault and gunshot wounds, the leading causes for spinal cord injury include:

3.How does a spinal cord injury victim get rehabilitation?

Extensive surgery and treatment are usually required to reduce tissue swelling and remove fluid or reset bones. Once the patient has been deemed ready, rehabilitation can begin. These programs often involve relearning motor skills and practicing techniques to adapt their disability to daily life.

In addition, medical technology has been developed to assist patients, which includes:

  • Electronic wheelchairs that can move over unstable ground or climb stairs
  • Computers that use voice recognition or key guards
  • Voice-activated electronic aids for doing household chores
  • Electric stimulation devices that control arm and leg muscles for activities like standing, walking, and gripping
  • Robotic gait training that enables patients to walk again

What Our Las Vegas Spinal Cord Injury attorneys Can Do for You

Those who suffer this kind of tragic pain may need medical care and financial support for the rest of their life. If someone else’s negligence was responsible for causing this spinal cord injury, you need the help of a qualified Las Vegas spinal cord injury lawyer. At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith in Las Vegas, we’re dedicated to helping you find the compensation for such damages as medical bills, lost wages, and general pain and suffering. Our Las Vegas spinal cord injury attorney put our combined experience and knowledge of personal injury law right at your disposal.

Get a Free Consultation Today at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith in Las Vegas, NV

Don’t let a spinal cord injury ruin the rest of your life. No matter how severe the damage might be, you deserve the best care and monetary compensation. The Las Vegas Spinal Cord Injury lawyers of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith is ready to give you the counsel and support you need to make your case in court. We offer a free initial consultation and will visit any client unable to leave their home or the hospital. Contact our Las Vegas personal injury law firm online or call 702-228-2600.


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