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Were you enjoying a stay in a world-famous Las Vegas hotel when you suffered a serious injury at no fault of your own? While you might think that the hotel will have no issue finding the funds to pay for your medical bills and other damages, you should probably think again. Vegas hotels and casinos are infamous among legal circles for making it difficult for guests, visitors, patrons, and shoppers to collect fair compensation after an accident on the premises. Instead, they use their vast resources and in-house legal departments to challenge injury claims outright.

To prepare yourself and your case for a tough, Vegas-style opposition, you should work with a local hotel accident lawyer capable of representing you with the same tenacity and aggression. For so many people who live in Las Vegas or who love visiting the Strip, Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen is the easy choice of representation. We are reputable for both our history of impressive case results and our ability to stand up to the biggest names in Vegas.

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Different Types of Hotel Accidents & Injuries

As a local team of Las Vegas hotel accident attorneys, we can confidently say that we have seen just about every type of hotel accident claim possible. No matter what caused your injury, we will be ready to take care of your case from start to finish. Do not worry about getting premanufactured representation, though. Every client is seen as an individual and friend in need, so every case we take is handled at a personalized level, which helps us create the best claims possible for the people who come to us for legal help in difficult times.

Some of the more common types of hotel accident and injuries are:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents: Lifted carpeting, slick tile floors, scattered trash and debris, and poorly lit hallways are commonly found hazards in the average Las Vegas hotel. If you have slipped or tripped on one of these hazards, fell, and suffered a bad injury like a broken bone, then our team wants to know.
  • Struck-by injuries: In the average Vegas hotel, guests are checking in and out at all hours of the day, which means luggage clerks are moving throughout the halls all the time, too. Accidents involving guests being struck by overloaded luggage carts are more common than you might think.
  • Swimming pool accidents: Most hotel swimming pools do not have a lifeguard on duty. Although hotels hang up signs that warn that there is no lifeguard, this does not necessarily absolve them of any liability if there is a swimming pool accident, especially if intoxicated guests are allowed to enter the swimming pool without supervision.
  • Assaults: Hotels owe a duty of care and protection to welcome guests, which means providing security measures to deter and prevent bad actors from assaulting or robbing guests. A hotel can be held liable for any actions carried out by a criminal if the security measures taken were inadequate.
  • Food poisoning illnesses: Few things ruin a Vegas stay faster than food poisoning. If bad hotel food made you so sick that you required hospitalization, then you might have an injury claim worth pursuing.

Should You Accept a Settlement from Your Hotel?

Hotel injuries are bad news for big hotel brands in Las Vegas. If word gets out that a guest has been seriously injured due to the hotel’s negligence, then it can hurt their future bookings and sales. To try to stop this scenario from panning out, most hotels are quick to offer a settlement to an injured claimant. Settlements are kept confidential, so the claimant can never tell anyone the details of what happened.

However, do not be tricked into accepting the first settlement you see. It is practically guaranteed to be less than what you are owed.

Why are hotel injury settlements usually low to start?

  • The hotel has no way of knowing the full extent of your injuries yet, so they cannot provide a fair and full amount even if they wanted to.
  • The hotel does not want to pay a full amount, though, so they will most likely try to entice you with a lowball amount.

Once you accept and sign a settlement, your claim is closed. You cannot reverse your decision. Before you sign anything, speak with our Las Vegas hotel accident attorneys from Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen. We can review the settlement offer, your injuries, and your expected damages to see if it is a fair offer or one that should be rejected.

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    - Jay G.

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