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How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect My Nevada Personal Injury Claim?


On April 1, 2020, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued a statewide-stay-at-home order for all three million of our State’s residents to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joining cities throughout the United States that are confronting COVID-19, our Las Vegas communities are altering the way we work, shop, and interact with others by staying at home to avoid the continued spread of the virus.

As we keep our fingers on the pulse of Clark County COVID-19 updates, our personal injury lawyers at Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen remain committed to providing legal solutions during these difficult times.

How Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect My Nevada Personal Injury Case?

Like other Las Vegas businesses, our staff is working remotely to respect the impact of the virus while doing our part to ensure the safety of the public.

However, our attorneys and staff are functioning at full capacity, and remain available 24/7 via telephone, text message, email, and video conference, so your injuries and financial recovery needs can be addressed immediately.

At Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for our employees and clients while preserving a fully functioning law office to ensure our clients have access to the experienced legal representation they deserve.

Are Nevada Personal Injury Attorneys Able to File a Collision Claim During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The State’s mandated stay-at-home order allows residents to continue essential travel, which includes trips to grocery stores and pharmacies. Vital employees like healthcare and government employees are also using our roadways to continue providing crucial services to our communities.

What is becoming more common are restaurant, grocery, and third-party delivery drivers who are delivering meals and other provisions to those who are quarantined at home.

As delivery drivers continue to travel, negligence can play a part in getting to their destinations. And when accidents occur, the injured parties have the right to file an accident claim for financial recovery.

Our personal injury attorneys will discuss your claim using the communication resource you prefer, so you can remain safe at home while we evaluate your case.

If you have been injured by the negligence of another, do not delay in contacting our office. We will proactively review your case and provide the guidance necessary to pursue your claim with confidence — even during these difficult times.

Understanding the Vital Components of a Nevada Injury Claim During COVID-19

At Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen, our personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas understand that the world looks like a very different place now, as we brace for both the short- and long-term impact of COVID-19.

That does not change the fact that several essential steps should be taken after a collision with injuries occurs.

First, police and medical staff should be called to the scene of the collision to provide an official report and immediate medical care when severe injuries have occurred.

While resources may be stretched thin in response to the pandemic, the police must respond to the scene of the collision, so the report and their testimony regarding who was at fault are available to support your injury case.

The insurance company will require a police report, which means you should not leave the scene of a collision without it — unless your injuries are so severe you must be rushed to the hospital.

Second, pursuing medical care is essential after an injury occurs.

As we face trying times, medical care may seem scarce, but access is available for injury victims just as it is for other emergency care needs.

If you have been hurt in a vehicle collision, motorcycle crash, a slip and fall claim, or by nursing home negligence, seek medical care right away.

The insurance company will require evidence that an injury occurred before considering financial recovery, and your injuries will require medical care to heal.

In some cases, those injuries can take days, weeks, or even months to heal — when you can fully recover.

The expenses involved in your recovery can burden your household significantly, which is why our personal injury lawyers will seek the best financial outcome available for your claim.

How Will Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen Pursue My Personal Injury Case During the Nevada Shutdown?

Our personal injury lawyers in Nevada have devoted our legal experience to our communities for decades and will continue to lead the charge against negligent parties and insurance companies who are responsible for their damages.

That commitment stands during these extraordinary times.

While businesses throughout the State are either closing or adjusting their business models in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our law offices, insurance companies, and courtrooms are operating in remote capacities that allow us to pursue your claim at every level.

This means we will review your case, investigate the negligent circumstances that caused your injuries, and develop a dedicated legal approach to producing solutions. That includes negotiating with the insurance company to produce a fair settlement or scheduling a trial to pursue the best outcome available when negotiations fail to produce the results your case deserves.

At Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen, our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers are working tirelessly to produce results for our clients and are available to discuss your case today by calling (702) 505-8115 to schedule a free consultation via telephone or video conference, so we can discuss your claim remotely. We are here to help.

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