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John L. Bertoldo:

What I’ve learned over the years, that when we try to create a settlement, it’s very important that we keep in mind the whole family situation. We have these younger people, maybe, who have been injured. We have the ability, we have the experience, to tailor a settlement, a recovery, a jury verdict, so that it helps the whole family. A lot of time’s we’ll have an adult, and he or she is the major breadwinner. And sometimes they’ll come to me and they’ll say, “John, you know, I can’t pay the rent, we’re going to lose the house, you know, that offer that they made, that first offer, you know, you told me it wasn’t very good, that you thought you could get more, but I’m really under the gun.”And, you know, in these hard times, there’s a lot of reality to that. So what I tell my clients, all the way through, they’re the boss, I work for them. I tell them about the long term aspects, but sometimes, people don’t have that luxury. And when they make an informed decision, I help them basically make the best lemonade out of the lemons they’re handed. And a lot of times I’ve been able to get the best settlement at the moment, maybe get them to increase it by offering them, offering the other side, a chance to settle it now as opposed to a lot more later. And we typically will adjust our fees, I’ll get doctors to adjust their medical expenses and medical fees, and we’ve saved people from, maybe, losing their home. Our client is the boss, we give them the right advice, and we allow them the dignity and respect to make the best decision for them at the time based on all of the information.

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