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Client Testimonial Raymond


Me and my girlfriend were in our car, we were going to pick up another friend, actually. I was in the passenger’s seat, next thing I know, I look in the mirror and I see this guy coming, and I’m like, “He’s not slowing down.” Sure enough, he didn’t slow down, so I tried to stop my girlfriend from going forward, but she ended up hitting her steering wheel and he just rear-ended us. He hit us, first, and then we hit the car in front of him; it was a chain reaction, four or five cars involved. And she blacked out, she, when she hit the steering wheel, she blacked out a little bit, so she was dazed. And I just got out of the car, I mean, I was just mad at the time, because the guy was on his cellphone, and then after he hit us, he was still on his cellphone. It’s just difficult to do a lot of things. The lower back, can’t sit that long, I can’t stand that long, definitely can’t walk that long. Basically just as far as doing yard work, it’s just really hard. I mean, it’s really intense. I guess, just with the things now is, if I do that kind of activities, I have to go to bed with a bag of ice on my back. To me, I felt at that time, the person that I had could’ve done more. It just seemed like he didn’t do a whole lot. He just did his minimum, I guess you could call it, and that’s it. Now with Mr. Benson, he just stayed on top of the insurance companies. Summed everything up for me. He just kept me in the loop, let me know what was going on. The initial talk that I had when I came in, you know, I talked with him, he explained to me what the situation was, what the process was, and it was great. I mean, like I said, he took control of everything, he just, you know, as far as doctor’s appointments and everything, him and his secretary Lucille lined everything up, and all I had to do was just show up . Like I say, you don’t have to worry about anything. Once he takes over, he just takes over. It is complete and very satisfied with the settlement. Unfortunately, like I say, I mean, we got the max on the guy’s policy. It was great, and like I say, I’m more than satisfied.

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