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Innovative Legal Strategy Illuminates Path to Justice in Cyclist's Wrongful Death Case


In a groundbreaking legal maneuver, attorneys Larry J. Smith and Brett A. Carter of Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen demonstrated exceptional acumen and foresight in a wrongful death lawsuit that captivated the legal community. Their strategic use of animation to reconstruct a tragic accident not only paved the way for a significant victory for their client's family but also underscored the attorneys' innovative approach to legal advocacy.

The case centered around a devastating incident in Las Vegas, where a cyclist was fatally injured by a fuel truck driver who failed to notice her in a crosswalk. Initially, the driver's version alleged challenging lighting conditions (sun glare) which led to the cyclist being blamed for the accident. However, the narrative took a dramatic turn with the involvement of Smith and Carter.

Understanding the complexity of proving the driver's liability, Smith and Carter embarked on a meticulous investigation, employing cutting-edge technology, onsite investigation, grainy video footage, and expert analysis. Their decision to use animation to recreate the fatal collision from the driver’s perspective was not just innovative, it was vital. By collaborating with DK Global, they developed a detailed animation based on expert testimony and real-world data, effectively simulating the driver's perspective and the environmental conditions at the time of the accident.

This strategic use of animation was a game-changer. It vividly demonstrated that the sun's position did not impair the driver's visibility as he claimed, and the bicyclist was directly in his line of sight, thereby shifting the liability to the driver and paving the way for a confidential multi-million-dollar settlement in favor of the cyclist's family. This outcome was not just a victory for the family but a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of Smith and Carter.

Their success in this case highlights the potential of combining legal expertise with technological innovation to achieve justice. Smith and Carter's forward-thinking approach has set a new standard in personal injury law, showcasing the power of visual evidence in complex legal disputes.

For those interested in learning more about this remarkable case and the innovative strategies employed by Larry J. Smith and Brett A. Carter, I encourage you to read the full article. Their work not only brought justice to a grieving family but also demonstrated the significant impact of creative legal thinking, which they continue to employ on all of their cases.

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