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What Not to Do After a Motorcycle Accident


As a motorcycle rider, you need to know what to do if you’re ever in a motorcycle accident. You also need to know what not to do, though. Oftentimes, doing or saying the wrong thing after a motorcycle accident can be damaging to any claim filed later. Knowing a few tips and information now could help you protect your right to compensation if you’re ever in a wreck that wasn’t your fault.

What Not to Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident

Immediately after being in a motorcycle accident, you must not leave the scene. In every state, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident before exchanging contact and insurance information can constitute the serious crime of conducting a hit-and-run. Not only will you have legal troubles about who is liable for the crash, but you could also end up in worse trouble with the law.

Also, do not assume that no one needs help. No matter what the scene looks like initially, if the crash has resulted in significant vehicular damage, you should call 911 to get emergency responders there as soon as possible. Paramedics can provide medical care, firefighters can extract people from tangled vehicles, and police officers can redirect traffic from the crash to prevent more accidents.

What Not to Do When Talking to Others After a Motorcycle Accident

Once you have had a moment to collect yourself and check on everyone at the scene of the accident, you still need to be mindful of what not to do. To begin, you should not admit faultor apologize to anyone at the scene of the crash. You might want to apologize out of polite instinct, but you shouldn’t. Apologies are often misconstrued by insurance companies as admissions of guilt.

Don’t forget to collect evidence while at the scene of the motorcycle accident. Some of the most convincing proof of liability might only be available while you’re still at the scene, so, if possible, take a moment to document the scene. Photographs and videos can be incredibly helpful. If anyone stops to help, ask if you can get a statement from them and ask for their contact information in case your lawyer would like to speak to them later, too.

What Not to Do Hours or Days After a Motorcycle Accident

In the hours or days after a motorcycle accident, there will be more things that you should try to avoid. First of all, you must not ignore medical care instructions. Follow your medical provider’s instructions to the letter, including attending follow-up care sessions and using prescription medications. You need to take care of yourself. Also, if you don’t follow medical care instructions, it might be used against you by the opposition in your claim or lawsuit.

You should not overshare on social media about the motorcycle accident. You never know when you might post something that could damage the legitimacy of your injury claim. For example, if you say that you suffered a back injury in the motorcycle accident but post a video of you carrying groceries into your home, the insurance company could say it is proof that your back is fine, even if medical evidence says otherwise.

Do not speak directly to insurance representatives from any insurance company involved with the case. It is safer to hire an attorney soon after the motorcycle accident and let them handle all communications with the insurers. By doing so, you can eliminate any risk of misspeaking and causing complications for yourself. Your lawyer will know what to say and do when dealing with insurance companies.

Lastly, do not accept a settlement without talking to a lawyer first. Insurance companies like to offer low settlements to motorcycle accident claimants in hopes that they will sign it just to get something and end the case. Once you sign a settlement offer, it can’t be undone. Before you sign an offer, no matter how good it looks, let a motorcycle accident lawyer review it to make sure you aren’t being shorted.

What You Should Do: Talk to a Lawyer

Now that you know what not to do after a motorcycle accident, it’s important to also know what you should do: talk to a motorcycle accident attorney. With an attorney leading the way, you can be confident that your case will be handled correctly from start to finish. You can also better focus on your recovery rather than getting lost in legal complications.

If you’re a motorcycle rider in Las Vegas, Nevada, know that Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen is always standing by to lend a legal hand if you’re ever in a crash. Our motorcycle accident attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients, and we would like to get the chance to see what we can do for your case, too. Past results cannot guarantee future wins, but we think they do speak of our talents and determination. To learn more about our firm or your legal options after a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas, call (702) 505-8115 and schedule a FREE consultation.