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Honoring the Legacy of A. Wayne Carter: A Tribute on Veterans Day


In honor of Veterans Day this month, we take a moment to remember and honor the legacy of Lt. Col. A. Wayne Carter, Esq., who was a distinguished veteran of the JAG Corps and an integral member of our Firm's history. Serving more than 20 years, Wayne's journey was marked by dedication and service as a talented military attorney and judge in the United States Air Force.

Wayne's military career was nothing short of extraordinary. After completing his legal education, he joined the Air Force as a JAG officer, where he served for over two decades. His contributions ranged from prosecuting and defending in civil and military trials to holding key positions such as Chief Trial Counsel for a 5-state area and Base Legal Advisor. Wayne's commitment to his fellow service members and his unwavering dedication to justice left an indelible mark on those who had the privilege of working alongside him.

Veterans Day is an important reminder to reflect on the sacrifices of Veterans like Wayne and recognize their invaluable contributions to our nation's security and justice. Wayne's service in the Air Force and his subsequent career as an attorney in Las Vegas epitomized his commitment to upholding the law and positively impacting the lives of many.

This month, we honor Wayne's memory by providing exceptional legal services to our clients and maintaining the same dedication to justice and integrity that he exemplified throughout his life. We are also proud to note that his legacy lives on through his son, Brett A. Carter, a partner at our Firm, who carries forward the tradition of service and excellence that Wayne established.

As a Firm, we pay our respects to Lt. Col. A. Wayne Carter and all the brave veterans who have selflessly served our nation, while defending our freedoms and upholding the principles of justice. Their sacrifices and unwavering commitment deserve our deepest gratitude and appreciation.