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“Accident Proof” Your Home This Halloween

the front of a Spanish-style house decorated for Halloween, there are cobwebs, pumpkins, large spiders, and a scarecrow

Halloween, and the “spooky season” in general, is the perfect time to dress up, decorate your home, and participate in fall festivities with your family and friends. However, this time of year does not come without its challenges and hazards.

With families trick-or-treating and going from house to house, there are numerous premises liability concerns that may arise. To best safeguard your home against potential slip, trip, and fall hazards, here are some tips for “accident proofing” this season.

Tips for Avoiding Halloween Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

Depending on how you choose to decorate for Halloween, this may come with potential risks. It's important to keep your porch, walkway, and stairs well-lit and clear of any obstacles such as pumpkins, excess foliage, or other decor. If you are using candles or other open flames as part of your decorations, be sure to place them in a safe location where they cannot be knocked over easily.

As kids are running up to your house for candy, it's useful to consider their path to your front door. Remove any loose stones, cracks, or unevenness in your walkway or porch area. If using inflatable or animatronic decor items on your lawn, make sure any extension cords or electrical cables are placed out of high-traffic areas and away from possible water hazards. If it’s not possible to keep cords out of certain high-traffic areas, make sure they are securely covered and fastened to the floor so they do not become a trip hazard. Handrails on staircases should also be securely fastened and stable.

Additionally, if you're planning on hosting any Halloween parties or other get-togethers and will be serving food and drinks, make sure spills are cleaned up immediately to avoid slippery surfaces. It's also a good idea to place mats or rug runners in high-traffic areas inside your home to catch any water, mud, or other debris that may be tracked in.

With these tips, you can ensure that your spooky season is a safe one.

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