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Protecting Teens During the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer

Black man sitting on the hood of a car handing car keys to a Black teenager

Teen Crashes Are Highest During the Summer

The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are infamously known as the “100 deadliest days of summer,” because this is when the risk of fatal car accidents involving teen drivers is the highest. In fact, on average, about 7 teens are killed per day during this period.

There are a number of factors that contribute to this increase in accidents and fatalities. For one, there are more cars on the road, especially those with teen drivers, as more people are taking vacations and have breaks from school. This means that there is more opportunity for accidents to occur.

Additionally, these months also have higher rates of driving under the influence, which even underage individuals can fall victim to. This coupled with lower rates of seatbelt use among younger populations can contribute to more severe injuries and fatalities in the event of a crash.

What Can Families Do to Keep Their Teen Safe?

During this time of year, it is crucial that families have thoughtful conversations about these risks and promote safer driving behaviors. Here are some tips for parents teaching their child to drive or who otherwise have a young driver in the household:

  • Encourage your teen to drive during daylight hours as much as possible. Accidents are more likely to occur at night.
  • Make sure your teen is well-rested before getting behind the wheel. Drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of teenage car accidents.
  • Limit the number of passengers your teen has in the car. The more people in the car, the greater the risk for an accident.
  • Talk to your teen about drinking and driving. Make sure they know that it is never okay to drink and drive.
  • Encourage your teen to take a defensive driving course. This can help them learn how to avoid accidents and improve reactivity to potential hazards.

It is also important for parents to set a good example for their teens when it comes to driving and model these safe behaviors. Parents should avoid distracted driving, speeding, and other dangerous driving habits when children are in the car. Showing your teen that you are a safe driver will set the tone for their driving.

What Else Can Reduce the Risks?

While safe driving is an essential component of reducing crash risk, the safety of the vehicle itself is also important. Each year, thousands of crashes are caused by blown-out tires, mechanical failures, and other preventable maintenance issues. A car that is in good working condition is less likely to break down or cause an accident, so don't forget to keep it properly maintained.

What Should I Do If My Teen is in a Collision?

No parent wants to think about the steps they should take if their child is in a serious collision; however, this is a reality that too many people experience every year. If your teen is involved in a car accident, ensure that they seek medical attention for any injuries as soon as possible.

It is also important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer so you can discuss your legal options as a family. By hiring an attorney, you can better navigate the complex legal process and ensure that your family receives the compensation you deserve.

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