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3 Ways to Stay Safe in Work Zones

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3 Tips for Drivers During Work Zone Awareness Week

According to the United States Federal Highway Administration, 842 transportation-related work zone fatalities occurred in 2019. This was an 11% increase from the year prior. Each day, construction workers and drivers are put in harm's way, and Work Zone Awareness Week aims to encourage safer driving practices in these areas.

Here are three easy ways to become a safer driver in work zones.

#1. Slow Down

A general rule to remember when driving in or near a work zone is to slow down. Depending on the area, you will likely want to decrease your speed by 10 mph or more unless there is a posted speed limit in the zone itself. Maintain this speed until you have reached a sign letting you know that the work zone has ended.

#2. Minimize Distractions

In most work zones, there will more than likely be a sign saying that you cannot use a handheld cellular device while driving in the area; furthermore, you may have an increased fine if a collision occurs. It's also important to remember that Nevada bans all handheld phone use while driving unless there is an emergency, so minimizing this and other distractions is essential.

#3. Watch for Workers and Tools

Some of the most dangerous parts of driving through a work zone are navigating uneven lanes, the presence of heavy machinery, and the workers. If you're not careful, these could quickly become the reason for a motor vehicle accident.

Drivers should be mindful and aware of where workers are at all times when driving through a work zone and watch for items that may have fallen into the road.

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