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3 Recent DUI Cases In & Around Las Vegas

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Drunk driving accidents are a serious issue across the country. In busy cities like Las Vegas, they are an even larger and more frequent issue. We take a look at three recent DUI accidents and cases in and around the city.

Footballer Ruggs Accused of Causing Fatal DUI Crash

Former Raiders football star Henry Ruggs has been accused of causing a fatal DUI crash on the streets of Las Vegas. According to police investigators, it is believed that he was driving faster than 150 miles per hour when he crashed into another vehicle, causing a fatal collision that killed a woman and her pet dog. It is believed that he was moderately injured in the crash as well because his publicly available mugshot depicts him in a neck brace.

Ruggs has been released from jail on bond, but he must comply with strict bond requirements, such as submitting to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test four times a day. He has been charged with DUI causing death, DUI causing bodily harm, and other felonies. If convicted, he could be facing years behind bars.

The family of the woman who passed away could also have the opportunity to file a wrongful death claim against Ruggs. Continued investigations into the cause of the crash will likely need to be completed first. It is not known if the woman’s family intends to pursue this legal option, either.

4th-Time DUI Arrest for Women with 0.3 BAC

A Las Vegas woman has been accused of causing a hit-and-run accident while intoxicated. Police report that her BAC level was 0.308, which is three times the legal limit and also extremely dangerous. Maintaining a BAC level this high can cause alcohol poisoning and severe health conditions, which is to say that she would be in no shape at all to drive if the report is accurate.

Furthermore, the woman – identified as Appollonia Kidd – has a long history of DUIs and related crimes. Her first DUI charge occurred in 2013.

It is not known at this time if Kidd faces any civil injury claims from the other driver who she hit. It is possible that the other driver could be owed significant compensation if they suffered severe injuries in the wreck.

Dotty’s Storefront Smashed by Drunk Driver

A week before Thanksgiving, the storefront of Dotty’s Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard North was destroyed by a driver. Local police arrested him on suspicion of DUI, along with other charges. Even though the crash happened in the early hours – a bit before 4:00 AM local time – there were people inside Dotty’s when the truck plowed into it. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

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