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Speed, Alcohol Blamed in Las Vegas Car Accident


Police say that a combination of speed, alcohol and teenagers led to a Las Vegas car accident that killed 15-year-old Olivia Hyten last November.  It also led to criminal charges being made against the 16-year-old son of prominent Las Vegas judge Donald Mosley.

Teenage Girl Killed, Son of Judge Arrested

Olivia Hyten died when the truck she was riding in crashed during its involvement in what possibly was an illegal drag race. One of the drivers involved in the collision was Judge Mosley’s son, Michael Mosley. Michael was arrested at the scene of the accident where he had stayed to call for help.

Exact details about his connection to the crash itself have not yet been released

Driver May Face Involuntary Manslaughter

District Attorney Mary Brown said that Michael Mosley faces the following charges.

  • Misdemeanor DUI
  • Possession of a knife
  • Possibly, involuntary manslaughter

“He was out drinking, driving, had teens in his car,” said Brown.

Defendant Placed on House Arrest

A little over a week after being arrested by police on the night of the accident, Michael was released from jail and put on house arrest.

Judge Mosley expressed that he was thankful to have his son back home.

“He just feels so down.  He was friends with the girl who died, as were others involved. He’s been taken apart in the media and press.  I think he feels frustrated he can’t get out and tell people what really happened,” said Judge Mosley.

Police Still Investigating

Police are trying to get to the bottom of what exactly occurred on the night of the accident. The district attorney’s office said there have been conflicting reports from witnesses.

Las Vegas Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injuries in the U.S., and have accounted for numerous traumatic injuries and deaths in Las Vegas. Although there are several factors involved in Las Vegas car wrecks, some of the most common causes can be attributed to:

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs/ alcohol
  • Reckless driving/ speeding
  • Poor weather conditions, including rain or fog
  • Bad road conditions, including tight two-way roads

(Source: Fox 5 News Las Vegas, News 3 Las Vegas)

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