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4 Injured in Las Vegas La Bonita Supermarket Partial Collapse

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The Clark County Fire Department and other Las Vegas authorities reported that a La Bonita Supermarket partially collapsed on Friday morning. At least four people have been injured, including one person who had to be extracted from the debris. According to the reports, all four people were taken to nearby hospitals with varying injuries, but it is not known yet if any were severely injured.

The partial collapse happened in the early hours of the day, and it appears that only the front of the supermarket collapsed. Local firefighting personnel reported that the interior seemed to be unaffected, but it could be at risk of further collapse.

Investigations into the collapse will need to be completed to understand why it happened. The leading theory is that preexisting structural deficiencies could have been worsened by heavy thunderstorms that rolled over the region the night before. Regardless of why the partial collapse occurred, it is likely that La Bonita Supermarkets could be held financially liable for the damages of the injured parties through premises liability laws.

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