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Darkness a Factor in Early-Morning Truck Accident?


In the early morning of late February 2016, two pedestrians were struck by a truck driver making a turn at South Rainbow Boulevard and Del Rey Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The pedestrians, a husband, and wife were out walking in the dark at 5:30 am.  As they were crossing the street, they were hit by the truck driven by a thirty-seven-year-old Las Vegas resident.  The husband sustained serious injuries while the wife sustained life-threatening injuries in a truck accident.  Both were transported to University Medical Center Trauma Unit.  The driver remained at the scene.  He was not suspected of impairment.

Could Darkness Have Been a Factor?

Sadly, there are some circumstances when a pedestrian may be responsible for a pedestrian versus auto collision.  Some (but not all) circumstances can be found below:

  • If the pedestrian crosses a street or highway in an unmarked crosswalk and is not visible to the driver of the vehicle
  • If a pedestrian steps out from behind a vehicle to cross the street when another moving vehicle is in close proximity and does not have the opportunity to stop
  • If the pedestrian does not make himself visible to oncoming traffic  and/or is wearing clothing that limits his visibility

It is not certain which, if any, of the above may have been factors in the February 2016 collision, but these are things that pedestrians must think about when navigating streets during dark hours.

How to Stay Safe When Walking in the Dark

There are a number of things you can do to stay safe when walking in the dark:

  • Wear reflective clothing:  athletic gear and outdoor work clothes are now equipped with reflective materials.  You can also wear a reflective vest or a blinking reflector that can be worn over the clothing to increase your visibility to others on the roadways
  • Use a flashlight: a flashlight not only makes you more visible to drivers, but it will also help you navigate the pathways and streets
  • Be aware:  pedestrians may not always have the right of way, and even if they do, drivers may not always see them.  Make sure that the crosswalk or crossing area is free of traffic and safe to proceed.  Avoid distractions like headphones in the ears and walking while texting.

If you are a pedestrian who has been injured or a motorist on the roadway that has been hurt because of the recklessness of another, the Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen can help.  We offer free consultations and can educate you on your rights so that you can choose the best course of action for you.  To arrange for a consultation, we invite you to call us at (702) 505-8115.

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