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Las Vegas Woman Faces Felony Dui Charges


A woman living in Las Vegas was arrested on felony DUI charges after crashing her vehicle into three pedestrians, Oct. 24. All three pedestrians were taken to a nearby medical facility where they were treated for serious injuries.

Three Pedestrians Suffer Serious Injuries
Camille Lagroe, 23, allegedly crashed her 2004 Ford F-150 into three men who were pushing a 2001 Kia sedan on a Las Vegas street at approximately 9:11 p.m. The three victims have been identified as:

  • Brian Espiritu, 21
  • Fransisco Anchetas, 22
  • Nick Cimini, 21

Auto Accident Under Investigation

According to reports, the accident remains under investigation. If Lagroe is convicted of a felony DUI, she faces two to 20 years in prison, hefty fines and the loss of driving privileges for up to three years.

In Nevada, it is automatically classified as a felony DUI charge if an individual is killed or seriously injured in an accident that is caused by a drunk driver.

If an individual is convicted on three or more DUI charges, he/she also faces felony DUI charges which can result is harsh penalties such as one to seven years in prison, fines exceeding $5,000, and the loss of driving privileges for approximately three years.

(Source: Las Vegas Sun)

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