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Las Vegas HOV and Carpool Lanes – Know the Rules


Know the Rules for Using Hov and Carpool Lanes in Las Vegas

Nevada law allows for the creation of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (HOV) and Carpool Lanes. In Las Vegas, HOV and Carpool Lanes span from Ann Road, in the northwest part of town, and conclude at the Spaghetti Bowl.

The overall goal of HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes is to reduce peak period travel time in comparison to the general-purpose lanes. HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes serve many purposes, both from a community and an individual perspective. For individuals, HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes help save time, provide a more reliable commute, save money on fuel, and reduce the stress associated with commuting. For the community, HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes help manage congestion, allow for better use of infrastructure, encourage mass transit by prioritizing access, providing transportation choices, and support mobility.

Who Can Use the Hov and Carpool Lanes in Las Vegas?

In Clark County, not all vehicles are approved to use the HOV and Carpool Lanes, and it is important for travelers to know the difference, so they are taking advantage of the optimal traffic patterns these lanes provide.

According to NRS 484A.460, a High Occupancy Vehicle is one that is:

  • Transporting more than one person
  • A motorcycle, regardless of the number of passengers
  • A bus, regardless of the number of passengers
  • Any other vehicle designated by regulation

When Can I Use the Hov and Carpool Lanes in Las Vegas?

HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes have restricted hours of operation. The rules are in effect Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. During all other hours, the HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes are available to all drivers, without restriction or limitation. Unlike the I-15 Express Lanes, HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes are continuously available to drivers. In other words, drivers can cross solid white lines to enter and exit HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes at any time.

What Happens If I Use the Hov and Carpool Lanes in Nevada Improperly?

Not knowing the rules can cost you. It is illegal to drive in the HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes without the required vehicle type and the number of passengers outlined in the traffic laws. Doing so could result in a misdemeanor and $250.00 fine for each offense.

Moreover, illegally traveling in HOV and Carpool Lanes in Nevada can cause car accidents that lead to traffic congestion, property damage, severe injuries, and even death. When drivers disobey traffic laws in Las Vegas, and their negligence becomes a factor in a car crash, the injured person or family’s lives can be changed forever.

Also, buses and motorcycles are free to use the HOV and Carpool Lanes any time, which can lead to further vehicle crashes as other drivers vie for traffic positions alongside the fluidly moving lanes.

When someone is hurt in a Las Vegas accident caused by a negligent driver, whether they are traveling on a bus, car, motorcycle or SUV, s/he is entitled to pursue financial recovery for their losses — including medical bills, lost wages, and the miscellaneous expenses that our clients incur as a result of their injuries. And our auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas can help you recover effectively, so you are not left paying for these expenses out of your pocket.

How Can Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen Help Me Recover From a HOV or Carpool Lane Crash?

At Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen, our car accident attorneys in Las Vegas provide experienced representation for injury victims throughout the State of Nevada, no matter which lane the accident occurred in.

As your Las Vegas personal injury attorneys, we will:

  • Interview all witnesses who were at the scene of the crash
  • Assess your injuries by reviewing your medical records and consulting with your physicians
  • Evaluate the crash site and preserve evidence to bolster our case
  • Partner with accident reconstruction experts to solidify our legal position
  • Fight for the best financial recovery outcome available for your unique case, inside and outside the courtroom

Call Our HOV Lane Car Accident Attorneys Now

If you have been hurt in a car accident, contact our Las Vegas, Nevada personal injury attorneys today by calling (702) 505-8115 to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about your legal options, and how Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen will design specific solutions for you and your family.

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