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September 2008 Los Angeles Metrolink Train Crash


Sept. 12, 2008, Los Angeles Metrolink crash is the most devastating railroad accident in the United States in 15 years. The fatal accident took the lives of 25 passengers and left 138 others seriously injured. For those who were injured in the crash and the families of those who lost their lives, this may be the most traumatic experience of their life.

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Metrolink Train Accident

The September 2008 Los Angeles Metrolink Train Crash reportedly occurred when the Metrolink engineer failed to stop at a red light signal and smashed into a Union Freight Train. The collision caused both trains to derail, leaving 220 passengers trapped in the destruction for nearly a day.

According to reports issued by federal rail investigators, the traffic signals were working properly at the time of the accident and there were no signs of visual obstructions that would have prevented the engineer from seeing the red light.

The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) has been investigating the cause of the train crash and has issued reports stating they believe the engineer was text messaging at the time of the accident. The engineer, who died in the accident, allegedly sent text messages to two of his friends moments before the fatal collision.

Train Operators Barred From Using Cell Phones

With the investigation underway, California’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) passed an emergency order barring California train engineers and operators from using cell phones and other electronic devices.

The Metrolink does have rules that prohibit its workers from using cell phones while on duty, however, the rules are often overlooked. The NTSB is now urging that stricter safety guidelines be enforced by California railroad transportation companies, something they have been pushing for years.

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