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Client Testimonial Megan


I was on a scooter, and a driver didn’t see me, and ended up hitting me, t-boning me. And with that I flew across five lanes of traffic, bounced off a cement divider, and rolled to a stop underneath another car, with a broken and dislocated hip in two spots, and my lower leg was severed on the inside. My tibia and fibula were completely blown out, so that had to be reattached, and they had to fix my hip in two separate surgeries. So, within seventeen hours, my whole life changed because somebody couldn’t wait two seconds for me to cross a street. The first time I met Jonathan, here was, I was getting ready to go in for my second hip surgery in two days. When he showed up at the foot of my bed, he only said two words, and that was, “Just heal.” They were absolutely fantastic. There are, I mean, there’s everyday things that you don’t think about you have. There’s two like separate selves, there’s the you that has to get better, that has to learn to walk again, that has to learn to put a sentence together again. And then there’s the you that, still, even with the accident, life still keeps going, you still have to pay your bills, you still have to make sure that, you know, dogs are taken care of, that you’re taken care of. And so, Mary would call and just ask me how I was doing and just get better. And that’s the one thing that Jonathan and Mary, especially, kept saying was, “Just get better, just heal. That’s your job.” I’m good, I’m way better than I was even expected to be. I wasn’t expected to walk for two years, and I walked three months after my accident. But if you can just hold on ’til you can get to the other side, they’ll help you through that. I have never had anybody fight for me so hard as she did, and Jonathan did. And even after my case has been done, it’s been settled for well over a year, we still go out to lunch, we still call each other and say, “Are you doing okay, how are you doing? They’re your friends, they are your family.

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