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John L. Bertoldo:

Well in our firm, when the client comes in, one of us, a partner in the firm, meets with that client individually. We don’t have a legal assistant that meets with them. They come in to my office, I help them fill out our intake sheet, and I go through everything that happened in the accident. There’s a lot of things that a client will tell you, when the accident is fresh in their mind, when their injuries are fresh in their mind, and those present impressions are really important to a trial lawyer. Because when we go to try the care, three or four years later, when it finally rolls though the system, I go back to that, and I can, a lot of times, pick up important things that that client had to say back when the accident was very fresh. And also, I get a very good understanding, right from the beginning, “What is this person like? What is it that they expect? How can I use the resources that I have to really help them feel comfortable, let their mind be at ease?” A lot of times, after I’m done, I’ve spent an hour, hour and a half with my clients, even in that first, initial interview. And then I like to tell them, “Listen, you let us worry about everything, I just want you to worry about getting well. And a lot of times you can just see a little sigh of relief, and they feel like,” Gee, I don’t have to talk to the adjuster any more, I don’t have to worry about this, I’m going to get help getting my car fixed, I’m going to be able to go to the right doctors, the doctors are going to be able to send me on to other professionals and specialists. if I need that.” And they feel a comfort level and they feel like, “Gee, I mattered in there.” In a lot of firms, you know, these people will come in and they’ll meet with a so-called legal assistant. Notwithstanding that, I meet with them myself, and the difference is, I’m a trial lawyer. I know what’s going to happen at trial, I can predict how something will play. It’s just a more thorough way. It takes longer; we spend more time with our clients, but in the end, we get better results for our clients.

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