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Airplane Helicopter in Las Vegas, NV

Lawrence J. Smith, Partner:

You’ve got a couple of issues in there. Number one, yes, we’re Las Vegas. Other than perhaps Hawai’i, and we may very well be number one relative to the number of sightseeing helicopters that we have here. Numerous, numerous, helicopters flying around looking at the Grand Canyon that’s very close to Las Vegas, looking at Las Vegas itself. The terrain surrounding Las Vegas is extremely, extremely treacherous, and it brings us to the whole issue with airplanes and helicopters. If they don’t do everything right, it does not end up well. Helicopters, to some degree you can get away with a plane that quits running because you will have some period of time which you can glide and attempt to find a place to land that plane. A lot of times out in our rugged desert, that’s just not possible and you still have a bad result. But with helicopters, they don’t glide, and when a helicopter quits flying, it’s generally not going to end up well for the occupants of the helicopter. And that’s why they have such rigorous inspections, and such rigorous controls over how they do things, and how they work on things, when they work on the helicopters and how often they inspect them. And all these rules are in place for a reason because it is critical that they follow them and that they keep those helicopters running. And if a breach of those protocols occurs, if someone does not do the inspection, or if they don’t follow exactly the protocols for replacing that part, I mean, a simple pin can result in the loss of life for everybody that’s on that helicopter, just because someone didn’t follow the instructions in the book. And that’s why it’s a very specialized area of law. The second part of your question is, “Why do you need Airplane Accident and Crash Injury attorneys that are familiar with it?” It’s because you have to know what they’re supposed to do before you can know whether or not they did it, and there’s just no substitution for experience when it comes to that. And the ability to know what they’re supposed to do, and when they’re supposed to do it, and then the investigation, the financial strength, to hire the experts and the investigators that will tell you whether they did what they were supposed to do.

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