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Personal Injury Lawsuits Arising From E-Cigarette Explosions


E-cigarettes are a $3.5 billion industry that is increasingly popular for its promoted healthy advantage over traditional cigarettes. Many of its users are young and often unaware of the risks of explosion that several personal injury cases have recently presented.

E-Cigarette Explosions

An e-cigarette is a battery-operated handheld device that heats liquid nicotine and other ingredients to create a vapor that users can inhale. E-cigarettes are sold in specialty stores often without any warnings on the product’s packaging.

Around 134 incidents of overheating, fires, and explosions involving e-cigarettes have already been reported across the United States.

Problem With E-Cigarette Batteries

Of particular concern are the lithium-ion batteries that come with the e-cigarettes. These batteries lack controls that prevent overcharging or discharging to a voltage that is too low, which can cause combustion. The battery’s coating can also wear out, allowing metal to come into contact with the battery, potentially causing an explosion.

Dust particles that can enter the battery’s coil can also cause a short-circuit, increasing risk of explosions.

E-Cigarette Injuries

A 27-year old woman in California recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against a retailer, alleging that she suffered serious injuries when an e-cigarette exploded and caused a hole in her mouth and significant facial scars. As a result, she had to undergo several dental surgeries to replace three cracked teeth.  She also suffered chemical burns and scarring to her legs and body due to the release of battery acid as a result of the explosion.

In another case, an e-cigarette user claimed that he suffered severe burns on one of his legs after an e-cigarette battery exploded while in his left pocket. The injured user maintained that he spent 3 days in the hospital in order to receive medical treatment for his injuries but even a month after the incident, he was still unable to sleep on his left side due to severe pain.


The lawsuits against the e-cigarette retailers allege that the devices were sold without warning labels about the hazards or risks posed by the rechargeable batteries, which were known to the retailers. In one lawsuit, a California jury awarded a woman $1.9 million in damages for e-cigarette injuries. If you or a loved one is injured while using an e-cigarette, it’s important to seek legal advice immediately after obtaining treatment for your injuries.

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