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Safest UPS Driver Shares Safety Tips


UPS driver Steve Dewey has been driving for the company since 1976. Named the safest UPS driver by Channel 8, he shares some safety tips as we enter the busy Holiday season.

Dewey said the most important safety tip he can give is to always pay attention and to drive defensively.

“You’ve got to be planning ahead all the time to stay out of a bad situation. Once it goes bad, it’ll go bad really fast,” Dewey told a Channel 8 reporter.

Dewey said there are five main things to remember for safe driving:

  1. Aim high in steering (focus on something miles in front of you to keep a clear path)
  2. Get the big picture (have an escape route)
  3. Keep your eyes moving (always use your mirrors and pay attention to your surroundings)
  4. Leave yourself an out (try to keep space on all four sides, but always keep enough space in front of you)
  5. Make sure they see you (use your horn, signals and lights)

Dewey drives more than 400 miles every day, five days a week. He pulls three semi-trailers from Las Vegas to Tonopah and back daily, and has never been in an accident. He said he follows the Boy Scout motto, which is being prepared.

Because we cannot control what other drivers do, it is important to pay attention and to be prepared in case something goes wrong, he said.

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