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Electronic Prescriptions Set for Southern Nevada


Southern Nevada doctors could be switching to an electronic prescription system that could help stem the state’s medical errors problems. It is estimated that up to 100,000 people are killed and 1 million injured in medical mistakes in the US each year. In many cases it is a medication error, meaning that the doctor either wrote the wrong prescription, the wrong amount to be taken, or the pharmacist misread the doctor’s note or provided the patient with the wrong information.

In Nevada, Sierra Health Services Inc. announced this month that it would partner with the Clark County Medical Society and pay the amount required for the prescription software. Since the software would be available to doctors with a minimum payment, it will likely be an attractive alternative to the current system of filling prescriptions.

Sierra Chief Executive Dr. Anthony Marlon sees it as a chance to make sweeping state changes to both the way Nevada prescriptions are given and help in stopping the amount of medical errors due to any number of factors.

The technology, known as Allscripts, allows doctors to electronically prescribe medication to their patients, in generic and formulary doses as well.

Doctors in Nevada outside the Clark County Medical Society could still receive the Allscripts software but would be responsible for paying their monthly service charge, currently around $20.

The electronic system also helps in processing the drug orders quicker. The doctor can enter the information into the system and either print out an electronic prescription or have it sent via the software to the pharmacy.

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