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Proposed Bike Path Can Reduce Bicycle Accidents in Downtown Las Vegas

Southern Nevada officials have recently proposed the creation of a new path exclusively for bicycles and walkers traveling between UNLV and downtown Las Vegas. If plans push through, bicyclists and pedestrians will be able to use this path to lower the risk of vehicular collisions that ordinarily occur in local streets.

The proposed path is known as the Spencer Greenway Trail and UNLV Bike Plan. It is expected to cover a narrow portion of land situated between Katie Avenue and Charleston Boulevard which are currently occupied by power lines. The project will cost the government some $2 to $5 million and is expected to benefit many of the Las Vegas residents who regularly walk and take their bicycles around the city. The project also envisions a friendly environment marked by colorful artwork and signs, children’s play areas, and bicycle racks.

While the project proponents have not yet set timelines for its completion, the planned bike path is already creating excitement among local officials and residents who look forward to having an alternative avenue to the downtown area that keeps safety in mind and is free from bicycle crashes.

Bicycle Use in Las Vegas

Bicycles are increasingly popular in Las Vegas.  Not only have more bike trails been established throughout the valley, but the recent launch of the Bike Share system in downtown Las Vegas has attracted more users. Bicycles provide a quick and inexpensive way for tourists to explore downtown Las Vegas. And for those who work downtown, having lunch at a distant restaurant is now a reasonable option.

Injured in a Bicycle Crash?

Unfortunately, when cyclists are on the road with other motor vehicles, they face risk of collisions. Bicyclists don’t have the kind of protection that drivers and passengers of motor vehicles have, making them susceptible to severe and even fatal injuries during a bicycle-versus-motor vehicle crash.

If you sustained injuries in a bicycle crash, you should immediately seek medical attention for your injuries.  If the crash and your injuries were caused by the driver of the car, you should also seek out the advice of an attorney to find out your rights for compensation under the law.  The lawyers at Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen have the combined skill and experience to help you receive the compensation that you deserve so that you can move forward with your life.

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