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Premises Liability

Brett Carter:

Nevada holds that whether you own a home, or whether you own a business, you have a duty to the people that come on to your premises that you’re to keep it safe. You have to protect them from danger, unreasonable danger. You have a duty to inspect, you have a duty to maintain, you have a duty to warn. And so a landowner’s held responsible if they knew or should have known about a dangerous condition. It’s the same whether you own a big casino or whether you own your home. You’re responsible for others that come on to your property. Now Nevada’s a little different than other states, If your own personal responsibility that contributed to the fall is above the person that you’re trying to make a claim against, so in other words, you’re fifty one percent responsible, you can’t recover anything. So what you have to do as an attorney is be very selective in choosing the cases. And people have to have a reasonable expectation that they can succeed if they choose to make a claim. Getting hurt, that can result a mount in the medical bills, lost time from work, permanent disability. And those are the things that if someone caused them, you should be able to seek reimbursement for.

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