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Tips for Pedestrians and Drivers to Stay Safe and Avoid Injury

With Halloween around the corner and the days getting shorter, it is so important to think about pedestrian safety.  2017 may become the deadliest year ever for pedestrians in Las Vegas.  According to a recent report, there are more drivers on the road than in recent years which means more chances to be involved in a crash. Most pedestrian injuries and deaths occur after dark, so it is very important for both drivers and pedestrians to stay alert at all times to avoid injury.

Here are some tips for both drivers and pedestrians to stay safe.

Pedestrian tips:

  1. Wear clothes that are visible to drivers at night.  Something that has a reflective surface or markings will help others see you when it’s dark out.
  2. Pay attention to traffic from all directions when crossing the street.  Don’t assume a car can see you or will stop just because you see the car.
  3. Avoid looking at your phone or other distractions when crossing the street.  Pay attention to traffic at all times.
  4. Cross at marked crosswalks and traffic signals.  Cars are not always looking for people crossing in the middle of a road and this increases the likelihood of an injury.
  5. Always pay attention to your children when crossing a road and teach them from an early age when it is safe to cross the street.

Driver Tips:

  1. Always make sure your headlights are on.  It is easy to forget to turn headlights on, but with darkness coming so early this time of year, it’s important to make sure your car has functioning headlights and they are turned on.  It helps you see the road, pedestrians or other objects, but also helps others see your car.
  2. Avoid distracted driving such as texting.  Those few seconds you look at your phone could cost someone their life.
  3. If you plan on going out to a party or other event where you may become intoxicated, arrange other transportation.  Driving impaired not only endangers your own life, but everyone on the road as well.  If you are intoxicated and hurt someone while driving you could also be looking at significant criminal charges and jail time.
  4. Be aware that pedestrians do not always cross at marked crossings or lights.  Always pay attention to your surroundings and look for dangerous conditions and people who are not paying attention to traffic.  Even if someone is not in a marked crossing, you have the responsibility as a driver to look for pedestrians in the road.
  5. Yield the right of way to pedestrians.  When in doubt, slow or stop your car to ensure no one is hurt.

By: Paul Cullen

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