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Defective Medical Products

defective medical device From the diagnostic process through treatment and recovery, it’s extremely common that a number of different types of medical devices will be used to pinpoint and heal a condition or illness. While some patients may only require the use of medical devices in the short term, others with more serious injuries may need medical devices for life. Unfortunately, however, medical devices and equipment can be defective and cause patients to develop far more severe, potentially fatal injuries. In these cases, injured patients will most likely have a strong personal injury claim against the responsible party – whether it be the maker of the medical device, the doctor who prescribed it, the nurses or technicians who maintained the device, etc.

When You Need a Las Vegas Medical Device Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective medical device in the Las Vegas area, the esteemed defective product lawyers at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith want you to know that:

  • You may be entitled to compensation
  • We can assess your situation for free
  • We are experienced in medical device defects

Types of Defective Medical Devices

Medical devices may fail to properly work as a result of a design flaw, a manufacturing error or a mistake made by a doctor during implantation (or improperly sterilized equipment). While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stepped in and issued strict “black box” warnings or full-blown recalls for some of the most dangerous defective medical products, in other cases, the injurious device still remains on the market (A black box warning is the most serious level of FDA warning, as it indicates that a product has the potential to cause permanent disability or death).

Examples of medical devices that have recently been reported to be defective might include:

  • artificial joints
  • breast implants
  • defibrillators
  • gadolinium dyes
  • heart valves
  • hip replacements
  • intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • kidney dialysis filters
  • knee joint replacements
  • pacemakers

Such medical devices may be produced by a variety of different manufacturers, and we are extremely knowledgeable about which medical devices have been reported to be defective, as well as about product liability and tort legislation.

Contact a Defective Medical Device Attorney in Las Vegas

For more information about a potential defect with your medical device, contact a Las Vegas defective medical device lawyer today.


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