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Passengers Become Victims as Alleged DUI Driver Hits Bus

In early September 2015, fire fighters were called just after 7am to tend to a scene which no one wants to see. A Chevrolet mini bus was in flames, allegedly due to the negligence of a young DUI driver in another vehicle.

BMW Forces Mini Bus to Roll

According to Las Vegas Metro Police, an older BMW 540i which was being driven by a young man from Las Vegas struck a Chevrolet bus which was carrying five passengers. The force of the hit was strong enough to make the bus to roll over and crash into a Ford F-150 at which point the bus then burst into flames. Unfortunately, two passengers on the bus could not escape.

The three survivors were taken to University Medical Center. The driver was also taken there, where he was also arrested for driving under the influence.

Crash-Related Death Rate Dropping in Clark County

2012 and 2013 may have seen a rise in the number of people who died in car accidents in Clark County, Nevada, but 2014 was a better year. In 2013 there were 190 car crash related fatalities in our county. In 2014, there were only 170. This marks an 11% decline over the course of a year.

Spokesman for the NDOT, Tony Illia, credits the impressive drop in deaths to a number of things. Targeting drivers and passengers of moving vehicles who were not wearing seatbelts was a key initiative, as was providing greater educational outreach about intersections, lane departures and pedestrians. But one important factor is how tirelessly Clark County law enforcement worked during 2014 to target and remove impaired drivers to increase the safety our roads.

Can I File a Claim Against A DUI Driver?

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident caused by a drunk driver has the right to pursue compensation from the driver. At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter and Smith our attorneys have helped numerous pedestrians, drivers, and passengers of vehicles file civil cases against drunk drivers and have helped them win compensation for their injuries.

If you have been hurt by someone who was operating a vehicle under the influence, at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter and Smith we are here to protect your legal rights and ensure that justice is served. We will work tirelessly to make sure that you get the settlement you deserve.

You can speak with one of our Las Vegas DUI attorneys today about your situation by calling (702) 228-2600.

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