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Nursing Home Abuse Signs

Nursing Home Abuse SignsIf your loved one is in a nursing home, you should be aware of the signs of nursing home negligence and abuse so you can make sure he or she is not being mistreated. Many times our elderly loved ones will not tell us when they are being mistreated — this may be because they are too embarrassed or ashamed, they don’t want to burden us, or because they may not be able to communicate well because of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

As their loved ones, it is up to us to watch out for the signs and to make sure they are getting the treatment they should be. The following are some signs that may indicate wrongdoing:

  • Poor hygiene
  • Unwashed or uncombed hair
  • Dirty or soiled sheets or clothes
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Foul odors, smells of urine
  • Malnutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Untreated bedsores
  • Unexplained bruises or broken bones

Other signs to watch out for are changes in your loved one’s behavior. Is he or she acting withdrawn or distant? Is he or she depressed or not in the mood to visit? Does he or she seem overly medicated or sedated when you visit?

You should also pay attention to the way your loved one interacts with the staff — does he or she act frightened when a certain staff member is around? Does the staff refuse to let you visit with your loved one alone?

How Do You Know?

These all could be signs that something may not be right. If you suspect that your loved one is being mistreated, you should go with your instincts and have the situation evaluated. At Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers have vast experience handling cases involving nursing home negligence and abuse. We understand the sensitivity of these cases and give our clients the personal representation their cases need and deserve.

To speak with an attorney at our firm about your situation, please contact us today at 702-228-2600. We will evaluate the specifics of your case and will conduct a thorough investigation to determine if your suspicions are correct. Call today to schedule a consultation.


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