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Las Vegas Failure to Treat Lawyer

Failure to DiagnoseA type of medical malpractice that can result in serious consequences is failure to treat a medical condition. There are several reasons why a healthcare provider may fail to treat a condition, including an improper diagnosis, failure to recognize symptoms, and failure to communicate with other healthcare providers. In any case, the consequences can be severe and even fatal.

If you believe that you or someone you love was injured because of a healthcare provider’s failure to properly or timely treat a condition, you should contact a Las Vegas medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. At the law firm of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, we represent individuals and families in the Las Vegas area who are affected by medical mistakes. To schedule a consultation to discuss your case, contact us today.

Examples of claims that might fall under the category “failure to treat” include:

  • Failure to timely treat an emergency situation like a heart attack or stroke (this could be in the emergency room or in any other type of hospital setting)
  • Failure to recognize symptoms of a serious condition or infection
  • Making an improper diagnosis of cancer or another condition, causing the healthcare provider to administer the wrong type of treatment
  • Failure to communicate proper treatment with a nurse or other healthcare provider
  • Failure to provide a patient with the proper instructions for treatment
  • Failure to treat a patient because of lack of insurance
  • Failure to refer a patient to a specialist when necessary
  • Failure to perform certain tests to determine what the problem is

In some cases, patients may feel like a ping pong ball, going back and forth between doctors and specialists. And sometimes, even though they have made numerous visits to the doctor and have undergone several tests, they are told nothing seems to be wrong are not treated for their condition.

Failure to Treat Cancer

In some cases, a missed diagnosis and failure to treat a condition, such as cancer, can cost the patient his or her life. A doctor’s failure to treat a patient with cancer in the early stages can result in the need for much more harsh treatment when the condition is finally diagnosed. And in the worst cases, failure to treat can result in the patient’s death.

While all cases of failure to treat may not be devastating or life-threatening, they can still result in discomfort, stress and financial strain. If you or someone you love has suffered because you were improperly treated or not treated at all, contact the medical malpractice lawyers at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith today at 702-228-2600.


Medical Malpractice Cases include:

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