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Rideshare Accidents

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A typical trip in Las Vegas in recent years involves hiring a rideshare service to travel between destinations. During the day, many locals choose to avoid the traffic of the city by using an Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare service provider to get to work, pick up groceries, visit friends, and so on. When the sun goes down, the Las Vegas nightlife erupts in bright lights and even more rideshare vehicles throughout the streets. As ridesharing services continue to grow in popularity, the number of rideshare accidents will only increase.

If you have been hurt while riding in a rideshare vehicle like an Uber or a Lyft, then figuring out who is liable for your damages can be a challenge. You can simplify your case and remove much of the situation’s stressfulness by letting Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen represent you. As proud Las Vegas locals, our rideshare accident attorneys would be honored to hear from you and see what we can do to help you create, file, and manage your injury claim.

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Important Factors in Rideshare Accident Claims

In recent years, rideshare services have thrown unexpected complications into the realms of auto insurance, liability law, and even employment law. As a result, managing a rideshare accident claim is often much more difficult than a typical car accident claim, which can catch the average claimant off-guard. As your chosen Las Vegas rideshare accident lawyers, it will be part of our job to ensure you are ready for whatever comes next in your claim, starting with helping you understand a few important and unique factors in the average Uber or Lyft accident case.

Three things you should know about rideshare accidents are:

  • Rideshare drivers are not employees: When an on-the-clock employee causes an accident that results in someone else’s injury, the company employing that workers can often be held accountable to some degree. However, rideshare drivers are not employees. Uber and Lyft have gone head-to-head with legislators and workers’ unions to ensure that drivers are kept classified as independent contractors, who are only loosely tied to the companies that provide their income. As such, a rideshare company has little obligation to provide damages after a crash caused by a driver using their apps.
  • Bodily injury insurance policies: Even though Uber does not technically employ its drivers, the rideshare giant has promised to offer up to $1 million in bodily injury insurance coverage for every Uber ride. Under Uber’s policy – and similar policies most other rideshare companies offer – you can be reimbursed for medical bills related to your rideshare accident injuries, up to the policy cap. Any other type of financial damage is not covered, though. There are also plenty of restrictions on this insurance policy coverage, such as it only applies when a rideshare driver has a passenger in their vehicle. If an Uber driver is in between fares, then any insurance from Uber will be heavily restricted, assuming it applies at all.
  • Multiple claims at once: In a typical car accident, you only need to file one claim against one other driver, which is then answered by their insurer. In a rideshare accident, you should not be surprised if you have to bring a claim against or sue multiple parties in pursuit of all your owed damages like those associated with lost wages and emotional trauma. You could feasibly file against the parent rideshare company, your rideshare driver and their insurance company, and any other drivers involved in the accident. Balancing so many claims at once is a task you should leave up to a professional attorney.

Representation for Any Las Vegas Local in a Rideshare Accident

At Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen, we take pride in being able to provide compassionate and trustworthy to clients from all walks of life and backgrounds. We can assist with your rideshare accident claim whether you were a rideshare passenger, rideshare driver, or a third party, such as another motorist or a pedestrian. From start to finish, our goal will be making your life easier by managing your claim and pursuing a maximized compensation amount from all liable parties.

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