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Dain Bagley

  • What are you currently doing: I’ll be graduating from the College of Southern Nevada High School on May 30 this year!
  • Future plans: My plans for the future are tentative, to say the least. I’ve switched my preferred major three times, reconsidered my career goals on half a dozen occasions, and I haven’t even settled on a favorite color yet. But I do have two unshakeable hopes: I’m eager to start a family and to find a career I love. I’m convinced that I come nearer to fulfilling these goals with every passing day.
  • The college you attend: I’m excited to be attending the University of Nevada, Reno this fall.
  • Your Major: I’ve hesitantly chosen Business as my Major after much deliberation. My mind might change, but I’m confident that this major would be applicable to the widest range of possible career choices.
  • Any activities you are involved in: With a tough work schedule and pretty heavy school hours, I’ve been pretty limited outside of school. But I go to creative writing clubs as often as I can and I spend a lot of time rock climbing and reading.
  • Award: This award will change pretty much everything for me. It’ll mean not putting in 50 hour work weeks every summer, independence from my reliance on family and friends, and peace of mind. This award completely flipped my college experience from a potentially grueling and exhausting struggle to a burden I can manage and even enjoy.
  • Favorite quote: “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” -Rocky Balboa
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