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Lower Back Injury

Lower Back Injury

When you have a lower back injury, every aspect of your life can be negatively affected. The lower back supports the body, carrying the spine and holding the body upright. In the blink of an eye, the lower back can be ruined in a slip and fall accident, a car accident, a work-related injury or another incident that leaves you in debilitating pain and great discomfort. Prolonged absence from your job, mounting medical bills and pain-induced depression are just a few of the possible outcomes of a lower back injury.

The personal injury attorneys at the Las Vegas law firm of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith represent individuals who have suffered a lower back injury due to negligence by another party. Our attorneys help individuals seek and recover the compensation they need to pay for medical bills and other necessary treatments such as chiropractor services. We also help injured persons seek compensation to pay for lost wages and other financial losses associated with serious injuries.

How Does a Lower Back Injury Occur?

A lower back injury can occur in a multitude of ways. The lower back is a complex grouping of muscles, tendons, the spine, nerves and blood vessels.

The most common causes of lower back injuries are:

  • car accidents
  • slip and fall mishaps (e.g., slipping on ice or a slick floor; falling from a ladder)
  • work-related injuries (whether in a sudden event or from chronic lifting, bending, etc.)
  • botched surgery
  • sports (overdoing it as a “Sunday athlete,” or in an accident)
  • accidents around the home

Back Pain and Other Symptoms

The back pain that accompanies nearly all lower back injuries can be incapacitating.

Additional symptoms and signs of a lower back injury include:

  • loss of control of bladder and/or bowels
  • muscle spasms in the lower back
  • pain around the lower back and the upper part of the buttocks
  • pain that is associated with movement but generally relieved with rest
  • progressive lower-extremity weakness

Back Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis of a lower back injury is usually made based on a physical exam and imaging tests such as CAT scan, MRI and bone scans. The treatment may include plenty of bed rest, appropriate lower back pain medication (which may leave the patient too relaxed to engage in work), physical therapy, chiropractor services, and in some cases, surgery.

Compensation May Be Available for Lower Back Injuries

If you are suffering from a lower back injury, caused by another person’s negligence (such as in an auto accident, workplace accident, slip and fall in a public place, etc.), you may be eligible to seek financial compensation from the person(s) responsible.

To find out if you qualify, contact the injury attorneys at the law firm of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith. Our injury lawyers may be able to help you obtain compensation for Las Vegas chiropractor services and other types of treatment.

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