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Category Archives: Car Accident

Where to Find a Towed Vehicle after an Accident on I-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Where to Find a Rental Car After an Accident in Las Vegas, Nevada

Where to Find a Rental Car After a collision in Las Vegas, Nevada If you have been involved in a traffic collision in Las Vegas, NV in your car or truck, and the damage sustained precludes you from driving the vehicle, you cannot be left without transportation because of another driver’s negligence. Even motorcyclists… Read More »

I-15 Express Lanes Las Vegas – Know the Rules

The I-15 express lanes are designated lanes on I-15 that run parallel to the Las Vegas Strip. They span from Sahara Avenue to Silverado Ranch Boulevard. The express lanes are separated from the general purpose lanes by double solid white lines. Speed limits in the express lanes are the same as the general purpose… Read More »

HOV and Carpool Lanes – Know the Rules

Nevada law allows for the creation of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (“HOV”) and Carpool Lanes. In Las Vegas, HOV and Carpool Lanes span from Ann Road, in the northwest part of town, and conclude at the Spaghetti Bowl. The overall goal of HOV Lanes and Carpool Lanes is to reduce peak period travel time… Read More »

Importance of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

I recently met with an older couple who live on a fixed retirement income. They have a small estate and 2 older model used cars in good operating condition. The wife had been hurt in an auto accident and sustained nerve injury to her lumbar spine. The adverse driver admitted fault for the accident… Read More »

Injury to Spine Found Years after Crash

I recently received a phone call from a past client who was injured in a low-speed rearend collision in the mid-2000s.  He retained our firm and treated with a chiropractor for approximately three months when he was released as being “100% returned to his pre-accident condition.”  The client was calling now to see if his… Read More »

The Three Most Common Holiday Accidents

The holiday season is right around the corner and many of us have already started tacking up decorations, putting up lights, and setting up the Christmas tree. While we have all seen our fair share of movies that showcase a variety of holiday-related accidents (think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!), the fact is that these… Read More »

Importance of Engaging an Attorney Following a Ride-Sharing Accident

The state of Nevada has authorized ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft to operate as transport network companies, despite objections and criticisms. One of the criticisms hurled against ride-sharing networks is the difficulty in obtaining insurance information when their vehicles are involved in accidents. Without essential information on the ride-sharer’s insurance company, injured passengers, motorists,… Read More »

Child Suffering Brain Injury Returns to Site of Tragic Nevada Hit-and-Run Accident

After a hit-and-run driver struck Brazyl Ward on Halloween night in 2013, medical professionals gave the child only a 10 percent chance to survive. Two years later, the young girl and her loved ones have returned to the site of the tragic crash. On that night in 2013, Brazyl, then six years old, was… Read More »

Should You Turn Down That Settlement Offer?

While each situation has its own variables, and there’s no right answer for everybody, one thing holds true: it takes two to tango (two to dance or two to get a deal done).  Settlements can only occur when the wrongdoer or wrongdoer’s insurance agrees to pay an amount enough to resolve the case.  What… Read More »

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