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Suffering From Hernia Mesh Surgery Complications? You Are Not Alone.

According to the FDA, more than one million surgeries occur every year in the United States to repair hernias. Of those, nearly 800,000 are performed to repair an inguinal hernia which occurs in the inner groin.

Other types of hernias and their locations can include:

  • Ventral
    • The general abdominal or ventral wall
  • Hiatal
    • Inside the abdomen, upper stomach/diaphragm
  • Femoral
    • Upper thigh/outer groin
  • Umbilical
    • Belly button
  • Incisional
    • Incision or scar in the abdomen

These painful injuries occur from tissue, organ, or intestine being forced through a weakened area in the connecting tissue or surrounding muscle.

Hernia Treatment Options: Surgery

Surgery is the only way to repair hernias. Not all treatment options require surgical mesh, but since 2000, non-mesh procedures comprised less than 10% of hernia repair techniques, including:

  • Laparoscopic surgery
    • Small incisions in the abdomen that allow a minimally invasive approach to inserting the hernia mesh to reinforce the herniated area
  • Open repair
    • The incision made near a hernia and weak muscle area to implant the mesh for support and to strengthen the location

The uptick in mesh-implant surgeries has caused a significant increase in painful side-effects associated with hernia surgeries throughout the country. If you have had hernia surgery in the last twenty years, chances are you have a mesh implant. Were you sufficiently warned of the dangers of your surgical mesh implant?

Hernia Mesh Warnings: Were You Informed Properly?

Thousands of patients have exhibited serious side effects from surgical mesh implants and have turned to lawsuits to recover fully from their pain and suffering.

As of November 2017, approximately 350 lawsuits have been combined into two new multi-district litigations in federal court, opening the door for patients across the United States to join the fight against the hernia mesh, manufacturers.

Were you properly informed of the dangers of undergoing hernia mesh implant surgery? Our Las Vegas, NV attorneys would like to review your case today by calling (702) 505-8115. You do not have to suffer from reoccurring hernia trouble any longer. Call us now to find out how we can help you move forward by holding the mesh manufacturers responsible for their dangerous products.