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Two Uber-Related Robberies in One Night

Uber is being touted as the new way for everyone to get around town, with it being marketed as a more effective and efficient method of transport. While this may be true, one thing that is certain is that negative Uber-related incidents are on the rise.

At the very end of December 2015, a woman made a frantic plea over social media for anyone with information about her brother allegedly being robbed and beaten up by an Uber driver. Her aim was to locate the driver. Uber confirmed that the trip was requested, but claims that it was later canceled by the driver and that the driver changed their route to pick up someone else.

The individual involved in the incident says otherwise. The victim states that he rode for a short period of time in the vehicle and was then removed, at which point he was assaulted. His iPhone 6, $250 in cash and his bankcard were stolen, and he was then thrown into a drainage pipe. He was later found by an off-duty police officer.

A Second Incident Occurs

The initial incident was believed to have happened at around 2:45am. A second Uber incident was reported that evening, four miles away, and took place at approximately the same time. In this report the Uber user told the police he was robbed at gunpoint where his wallet, cell phone, and $100 were stolen.

Is Uber Safe?

Passengers must be vigilant and take every precaution possible, regardless of which ride sharing company they may choose to use. At the very least, the ride sharing company should:

  • Provide you with the driver’s name and photo
  • Provide you with the driver’s license plate number
  • Provide you with the driver’s “rating”

If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the driver, you should have the right to decline his or her service and request another driver to transport you to your next destination.

Should you happen to be injured while traveling as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle in Las Vegas, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. If there are any witnesses still at the scene, obtain their contact information and take photographs.

After that, you should contact us here at Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys are familiar with the many pitfalls of ride share services and how passengers – and drivers – can protect their rights and be compensated for any damages.

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