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Our Kids Are Growing up


Our kids are growing up. Over the years, we have represented scores of beautiful children. Kids who have been maimed; who have lost limbs or eyes; who have been mauled by dogs; who will never walk, or talk, or read in their parent’s laps. Some we only know through photos; we imagine their potential, dream of what they might have been.

Each child reminds us of our own. We held Bertoldo’s girls when they were tiny and pink, bald heads and blue eyes, swaddled in ribbons and bows. Larry’s girls are out in the world, herding a gaggle of toddlers, Uncle Jonathan keeping a watchful eye.

Lauren and Evan Carter are tall and tanned, they glow and smile from ear to ear. Amber and Katey married best friends up north, never apart through the years. Curley and Giggles have babes of their own. They all know our office as home.

Some walked through our doors as teens, eager and willing to learn. Jared’s a proud esquire now. Jodi, who sat my girl, now sits with clients in need. Jenna has become a master of liens. Their faces are plastered on walls and crowd desktops.

Next, to these images stand our kids of a different type. Elizabeth, who was crushed by a truck, but never gave up. Charlie, Chad, Luz, Brandon, Rosa, Parisa, Nick, Bryleigh, Antonio, Janey . . . they are never far from our thoughts.

It is our job, our mission and passion, to protect the children. We serve as their collective voice and scream out at every injustice. Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen have served such innocent victims for more than forty years. As they grow, before our eyes and in our hearts, we pledge to continue the fight and bring them a safer world.

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