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Texas Surgeon Denied Bail Reduction After Intentionally Botching Surgeries

A North Texas surgeon, who has garnered national attention after allegedly botching a series of surgeries that left four people severely injured and one dead, was recently denied a bail reduction in a northern Texas court.

Dallas police arrested Christopher Duntsch in July of 2015 on charges stemming from allegations of intentionally botching procedures during his time as a spinal surgeon. According to prosecutors, he was arrested on five counts of aggravated assault and one count of injuring an elderly person during procedures that he performed in Dallas.

Patients operated on by the disgraced doctor have reported cases ranging from a surgical sponge left inside the body after the procedure, to paralysis. One victim died after being operated on by the doctor in 2012.

According to police, they believe that Duntsch demonstrated intent to purposely botch surgeries in “chilling” emails sent in 2011 to one of his employees, where he detailed his desire to abandon his Hippocratic values and become a cold-blooded killer. The investigation has police tying Duntsch and his negligent tactics to as many as 10 other botched surgeries performed throughout the Dallas area.

Attorneys arguing against the doctor cited him being a potential of a flight risk, especially after losing his medical license in 2013. Duntsch is now being tied to a “pattern” of incidents where he allegedly acted improperly prior to operations or demonstrated an inability to respond to complications that led to patient deaths.

Although Duntsch’s criminal case is ongoing, he also is alleged to be involved in a number of civil suits stemming from his negligent behavior as a surgeon.

Surgical Malpractice in Las Vegas

Although any medical procedure carries a certain degree of inherent risk, patients continue to be at risk for other costly errors during surgery. These types of errors, or surgical malpractice, include errors made as a result of negligent behavior by medical staff during the course of a surgery.

Undergoing a surgical procedure, as well as the following recovery, is no easy task, and for patients, it can be both a daunting and stressful experience. As a result, patients place a certain degree of trust in their medical professionals and deserve the highest quality of care.

However, medical mistakes do happen, and it can sometimes carry devastating consequences. While surgical malpractice claims come in many forms, some of the most common cases include:

  • Anesthesia mistakes
  • Using improperly sterilized equipment
  • Operating on the wrong part of the body
  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Leaving surgical equipment or other foreign objects inside the body
  • Puncturing other organs

While not all surgical error cases are fatal, many results in life-changing diagnoses, including paralysis, amputation, nerve damage, or other permanent disability.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a surgeon’s negligence, you could be eligible to receive damages for your pain and suffering. Although mistakes happen, oftentimes they can be prevented, and come as the result of poor medical training, exhaustion or overworking of surgical or medical staff.

In Las Vegas, the medical malpractice attorneys at Bertoldo Carter Smith & Cullen specialize in cases involving surgical error and their consequences. Our team has argued on behalf of patients who suffered at the expense of someone else’s negligence, and understand what it takes to help you achieve the results you need.

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