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911 Callers Help Identify Boat Operator in Boating Accident

A deadly boating accident recently occurred at the Berlin Reservoir, Ohio, a favorite site for aquatic sports activities such as water skiing, sailing, and paddling. The incident is a reminder to all about the dangers of boating, particularly as we approach the holiday period.

A fishing boat with two passengers on board was allegedly hit by a boat that was allegedly operated by a prominent doctor in the area. Numerous callers who claimed to have witnessed the crash called 911 to report the accident. They said that the other boat failed to stop after hitting the fishing boat – and sped away.

Only one of the boat operators was said to subsequently take a blood alcohol content test, but investigators are not yet revealing who took the test or its result. The accident is still under investigation.

Rules on the Operation of a Boat

Northern and Southern Nevada are surrounded by rivers and lakes, such as Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe, where boating accidents can occur all year long and especially in summer months. Operators of boats and other motorized water vessels are required to observe the same rules that drivers follow for road safety. They are therefore prohibited from operating a boat if they exceed limits for blood alcohol content and are required to stop and report an accident to the proper authorities.

Injuries Arising From Boat Accidents

Accidents can also happen while operating a jet ski or while water skiing, and the consequences can be devastating. Anyone involved in a boating accident may suffer serious to fatal injuries from drowning, falls, and propeller strikes. Injured passengers may suffer traumatic brain injury and fall into a coma or a head injury that can require long months of ongoing therapy for a full recovery.

The medical costs for treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the pain and suffering arising from the injuries, can have a significant impact in the life of accident victims and their families.

If you or a loved one is involved in a boating accident that results from another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation under Nevada state law. A Las Vegas boating accident attorney with experience in boating accident claims can help you determine and establish legal responsibility for the accident and pursue your claim vigorously against those responsible.

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