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Three Things That Can Save Your Life and Reduce Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Nevada state police are currently investigating an accident involving a motorcycle and another motor vehicle that occurred in Lake Mead Boulevard. The motorcycle rider was killed in the crash, while no one else was reported injured. This latest incident highlights the serious risks that motorcycle riders face every day in Nevada and, indeed, elsewhere in the United States.

Existing data on motorcycle crashes shows that in 2011, 4,502 persons were killed in motorcycle accidents in the United States. Several factors can increase your risks of a motorcycle accident, so taking steps to remove or avoid these factors can help keep motorcyclists safe, and even save lives.

Helmet Use

Analysts say that the number of motorcycle fatalities is closely linked to whether or not the rider or their pillion passengers were wearing helmets. The wearing of helmets has been shown to significantly reduce motorcycle operator and passenger crash injuries. The State of Nevada observes universal helmet laws which require helmet use by all motorcyclists and passengers, without exception. Violators can face steep fines for failing to wear the required helmet.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Most states, including Nevada, observe the legal limit of 0.08% blood alcohol content for operating a motor vehicle. Each person, however, can experience varying degrees of impairment when alcohol is present in their system. Ideally, drinking and driving should be avoided if you want to maintain alertness on the road.

Slow Down

Many motorcycle riders killed in road accidents do not crash into other motor vehicles. In these incidents, aggressive driving and riding at high speeds have been noted as probable causes. It is easy to get carried away while riding a high-powered motorbike; however, you can become seriously injured or lose your life when riding at high speeds even when wearing a helmet.

It is important to note that Nevada’s generally hot and dry climate can contribute to the number of motorcycle crashes. Analysts observe that warm and dry weather encourages motorcycle travel and its associated risks. Other factors that can encourage motorcycle use include the improving economy where people have more spending power to purchase high-powered motorcycles and rising prices of gasoline.

In Nevada, if you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, getting immediate medical attention and legal advice are important. The personal injury attorneys of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter and Smith law office have years of experience in helping clients obtain the compensation they deserve for their motorcycle accident injuries.

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