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Trial Lawyers and the Good They Do

Trial lawyers, and lawyers in general, sometimes suffer a bad reputation in society. They can be the butt of jokes and are often stereotyped as “ambulance chasers.” However, trial lawyers do a great deal of good in our society, often taking on large companies on behalf of individuals, who, on their own, would not have the knowledge, strength, or finances, to do so on their own.

Let’s Look at Some Examples.

The ABA Journal Online recently published a story about a sole practitioner who represented a family in a wrongful death action. Lance Cooper, from Marietta, Georgia, sued General Motors on behalf of a family when a nurse died in a car accident. The nurse’s car lost power suddenly, which caused it to veer into oncoming traffic.

Mr. Cooper’s research uncovered a large number of ‘ignition defects’ claims and cases that had been filed against GM. Using this information, Mr. Cooper sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA brought major claims against GM and the company’s failures to recall cars that may have been affected by the ignition defects.

Additionally, another major car company agreed to a large settlement with federal regulators over sudden acceleration problems with its motor vehicles. This problem also caused serious injuries.

Personal injury trial lawyers, in particular, often represent clients with devastating injuries, in challenging situations. Their clients are victims of others’ negligence or recklessness – victims who often may not have a voice but for the lawyers that are willing to fight for their rights.

Thanks to litigators, we have:

  • Safer cars
  • Better medical care
  • Safer products
  • Better business practices

If a company engages in bad practices or manufactures defective products, there is often a trial lawyer willing to take on the case and hold the company liable.

If a person drives drunk and injures or kills another driver, there is a trial lawyer willing to help a victim (or his or her loved ones) to hold that drunk driver responsible for his reckless actions.

If a company fails to properly protect its customers, there is a trial lawyer who will expose that company’s poor business practices and lack of care for consumers.

When people have been injured, killed, or unfairly treated, they turn to lawyers to seek justice on their behalf.

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