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Spinal Cord Injuries and Their Effect on Car Accident Victims

A healthy and properly functioning spine is integral to a healthy lifestyle and general well-being which is why a spinal cord injury can be devastating to a victim. A spinal cord injury may mean loss of ability to earn a living, loss of the ability to move, and the loss of quality of life.

30 new spinal cord injuries occur each day; 12,000 each and every year. The most common causes of an injury to the spine include car accidents, sports and workplace accidents, as well as falls.

What Is a Spinal Cord Injury?

When the spinal cord is damaged, it can result in a loss of mobility and feeling. A common perception is that the cord must be severed for a loss of function to happen, but this is not the case. Most people with an injury to the spine have a cord that is intact.

A spine injury is not a back injury. Back injuries are quite different and often result in ruptured disks, spinal stenosis, or pinched nerves.

How Do These Injuries Occur?

Approximately 36 percent of all injuries to the spine result from motor vehicle crashes, 28.9 percent from violence, and 21.2 percent from falls.

How Does a Spine Injury Affect Its Victim?

Spine injuries can have devastating effects on an individual, including:

  • Loss of movement
  • Loss of sensation
  • Dysfunction of the bowel and bladder
  • Loss of the ability to breathe
  • Inability to regulate blood pressure or body temperature
  • Chronic pain

There is no cure for spinal cord injury, only effective treatments and rehabilitation options.

A spine injury resulting from a car accident can significantly impact your life, or the lives of your loved ones, and very often another driver’s negligence is the cause for your pain and suffering.

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