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$750,000 Settlement in a Tractor-Trailer Case

We reached a $750,000 settlement in a recent action involving the plaintiff’s automobile and a tractor-trailer. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant, an operator of a tractor-trailer, made an improper U-turn on the interstate at a Nevada Highway Patrol emergency vehicle turn-out. The plaintiff alleged that this improper and unsafe turn-around had been established by an employee of a separate defendant company without having been approved by the Nevada Department of Transportation.

According to the action, in making this illegal U-turn, the rear of the defendant’s vehicle was blocking the plaintiff’s lane of travel. The plaintiff alleged that the front of his vehicle struck the rear of defendant’s vehicle, causing his vehicle to rotate counterclockwise into the adjacent lane and roll onto its right side.

According to the action, the accident resulted in multiple injuries to the plaintiff, including comminuted fractures to both knees necessitating removal of his right knee cap entirely, fractures of his femur necessitating a metal rod being placed, multiple fractures to his pelvis, multiple compression fractures to his lumbar spine and fractures to his right hand. Defendants denied responsibility and contested liability.

Subsequent to extensive litigation the parties proceeded to a Settlement Conference where the parties successfully reached a $750,000 Settlement.

Special thanks to Larry J. Smith, Esq., and John Bertoldo, Esq. for their dedication and hard work in achieving such a result on behalf of our client!