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Judge Awards Cyclist $77,000 for Being ‘Chopped’

A recent bicycle accident case in Pennsylvania brings up the issue of “chopping.” Hans Mueller, an experienced cyclist, was allegedly “chopped” by a driver who was talking on his cell phone at the time of the accident. Mueller was awarded $77,000 in damages.

Chopping describes an incident when a cyclist is passed closely by a vehicle and then cut off. In the case of Mueller, his attorney and Canadian cycling legend Brian Walton proved that the driver of the vehicle cut in front of Mueller, giving him no time to react. Mueller slammed into the back of the vehicle.

The driver argued that Mueller was riding inappropriately, but the judge did not find the argument convincing. The judge stated that based on the evidence, Mueller, was in fact chopped; he also stated that talking on a cell phone while driving is unacceptable.

The act of chopping is a common practice that is unacceptable and dangerous. This case demonstrates that it will not be tolerated. If you are injured in a bicycle accident and you believe you were chopped, you should speak with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer near you.

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